Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

Local or foreign investors foreigners want a transparent, predictable and stable business environment

United States ambassador to Bucharest, Hans Klemm, said that all investors, local or foreign,want a transparent, predictable and stable business environment. He also said that sudden changes, non-transparency of the rules, without a proper assessment of regulations’ impact increase the risk of doing business in any country. Hans Klemm mentioned that the United States support the development of entrepreneurship in Romania and encourages interpersonal relationships. The American ambassador added that Romania has a huge number of talented people in technology and science which may very well use American experience in business development and marketing of good technical ideas or innovative. Hans Klemm pointed out that Romania, NATO and the United States are concerned about the defense vulnerabilities in the region and they explored ways to improve it in this part of the world. The American ambasador added that given the fact that in 1990 Romania emerged from a communist domination which lasted over 50 years, progresses made are considerable and that Romania as a NATO and European Union member country and as a strategic partner of the United States has a great potential for development. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

Recommendations of the Romanian Foreign Ministry for drivers who want to transit through Greece

Romanian Foreign Ministry advises Romanian drivers who want to transit through Greece to review every travel route, because many land border crossing points with Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania are closed. The situation is permanent changing, warns diplomacy in Bucharest, and those interested can consult the website and can access for free the application „Travel safely”
with information, travel advice and the possibility of alerting in case of special circumstances. According to Foreign Ministry, at Greece’s border with Bulgaria customs point in Promachonas is closed for trucks and buses since yesterday afternoon. Only cars can travel. Last week, every border crossing point between Greece and Bulgaria was blocked by Bulgarian carriers in response to protests by Greek farmers, dissatisfied with pension reform promoted by the government in Athens. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

Miners’ protests against Energy Complex of Hunedoara restructuring plan entered the third day

Miners’ protests against Energy Complex of Hunedoara restructuring plan entered the third day. County authorities and the special administrator of the company tried to persuade them to give up late last night, but miners say that authorities’ proposals do not ensure their workplaces. In Lonea and Vulcan mines many workers still refuses to come out from underground. Energy Complex of Hunedoara has over 6,000 employees at Lonea, Lupeni, livezeni and Vulcan mines and at power plants Mintia and Paroşeni. Once collected debts of about 1, 7 billion lei, the company was declared insolvent. (RADIO ROMÂNIA reports)