Thursday, September 8th

President Klaus Johannis to give a resolution on criminal prosecution of former minister

President Klaus Johannis will give a resolution today on the request for criminal prosecution of former interior minister Petre Tobă, accused of favoring the perpetrator. The request was submitted by the Attorney General Augustin Lazăr three days ago. According to prosecutors, on April 1, given that the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) was investigating the case against Gabriel Oprea and others, the interior minister at that time, Petre Tobă, refused to initiate partial declassification of some documents.

Romania ranks fourth with 46 companies in Central Europe

Romania ranks fourth with 46 companies, a ranking of companies in Central Europe conducted by the international audit and consulting firm Deloitte. Automobile Dacia is the best placed Romanian company – the 25th, OMV Petrom is ranked 27th, followed by Rompetrol Rafinare, which ranks 52nd. Specialists from Deloitte recommend that Romania should continue to build up its infrastructure and improve its education and health system in order to provide better services and to attract investment in production.

The town of Sfântu Gheorghe in Covasna county celebrates 72 years since its liberation from the fascist-Horthy-ist occupation

The town of Sfântu Gheorghe, Covasna county, celebrates today the 72nd anniversary of its liberation from the fascist-Horthy-ist occupation. The anniversary is marked by a series of military events and wreaths of flowers laid at the Heroes’ Monument. Sfântu Gheorghe was the first city in Northern Transylvania to be liberated from the fascist-Horthy-ist occupation, on September 8, 1944. The anniversary events will begin in front of the City Hall with the honor ceremony conducted by the honor guard, the battle flag salute, and intonation of the national anthem. After a religious ceremony and a short evocation of the historical moment, the national colors will be hoisted officially atop the City Hall’s tower – the place where it was first hoisted as a symbol of freedom by soldiers of the Romanian Army on September 8, 1944. Later, wreaths and garlands will be laid at the shrine raised in memory of Gen. Grigore Bălan of Arcuş and the memorial of Lt. David Păiuş in Sfântu Gheorghe, two of many heroes who laid their lives in defence of the city.

Employees’ taxes will not be increased

Romanian Finance Minister, Anca Dragu, restated that there is no intention of the Government to increase the amount of taxes paid by employees, freelancers or liberal professionals. The Ministry of Finance will release in a few days on its website for public debate a project addressing the simplification of a series of fiscal procedures, said Anca Dragu on Wednesday at Radio Romania News. „We won’t target any measure to affect salaries or taxes, but there are still some specific issues that hinder the activity, such as required documents or unclear wording. For the past few months I have received complaints from businessmen and other civil-society members that there are certain aspects that hamper the activity, and it is on these that we will focus. In the next few days we will forward this project for public debate”, said the finance minister. Her statement came in response to rumours in the economic media, according to which the Government intended to make a series of legislative amendments that would increase the tax burden of employees.

Over 40 thousand people die annually in Romania due to smoking

Over 40 thousand people die annually in Romania from diseases caused by smoking. Therefore, prevention and education is a priority of health policies, said participants in a conference on smoking held at the Cotroceni Palace in Bucharest. Romanian President Klaus Iohannis considers that prevention must be a priority among health policies in Romania, and he pointed out that smoking represents one of the risk factors for health. President Iohannis pointed out that lives can be saved through prevention and stressed the importance of developing healthy behavior patterns. Health Minister Vlad Voiculescu, who also attended the conference, made an appeal to the Lower Chamber of the Romanian Parliament to correct what he called „a mistake” made, in his opinion, by the Senate Health Committee. The committee proposed amendments to the law prohibiting smoking in public places, so that smokers should be able to smoke in any enclosed and properly marked space. Minister Voiculescu stated that a relaxation to the law cannot produce positive effects and represent an attack on the health of all citizens.

Magda Baciu – Agenţia de Presă RADOR