Monday, September 19th

Radio Romania to organize the Public Broadcaster International Conference in 2017

Radio Romania has earned the right to organize the 2017 Public Broadcaster International Conference, of General Directors and Presidents from the most important public radios and televisions in the world. The decision has been made at the end of this year’s meeting, that took place in Montreal, Canada. The President General Director of Radio Romania, Ovidiu Miculescu, believes that this event confirms the fact that Radio Romania is part of the world elite of public services.
Ovidiu Miculescu: It is probably not a coincidence the fact that, 40 years after Nadia Comaneci has conquered Montreal, Radio Romania has succeeded, after a fierce competition and in the presence of the majority and most powerful public media services in the world, to repeat a Romanian performance in Montreal. This has certainly been the best moment for Radio Romania, for many years.

Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos addressed Parliament

The Romanian Prime Minister, Dacian Ciolos, has addressed Parliament, on Monday, saying that he does not intend to increase any taxes or allowances by the end of his government’s term. He also said that Romania has had an economic increase, more jobs were created and the average net wage has also increased. The head of Government was invited to the Parliament plenum by the Social Democrats, in order to present Romania’s current economic situation. The Social Democrat leader, however, was not satisfied with Mr. Ciolos’s presentation and he stongly criticized the Government’s activity.

Migrants found while trying to illegally cross the border into Romania from Serbia

Seven Migrants were caught, on Sunday night, while trying to illegally cross the border from Serbia to Romania, in the West of the country. The migrants were five Egyptians, one Algerian and one Pakistani, aged between 19 and 35. They were found by border police in the Timis county, in the area of Moravita, while attempting to walk across the border, into Romania, in order to reach a Western European state. The migrants were being questioned at the Border Police headquarters. Serbian authorities were contacted, so as to enforce the Readmission Agreement, namely to return the migrants to the neighboring state.

Bucharest has celebrated 557 years since its first documentary attestation

Dozens of concerts, exhibitions and fairs were organized, on Sunday, in the largest parks in Bucharest. The Romanian capital has celebrated 557 years since its first documentary attestation. Artistic shows took place in Herastrau Park and people could ride carriages, while in Cismigiu, children were able to learn juggleries or to initiate in different sports, such as basketball, horse riding or fencing. Bucharest’s General mayor, Gabriela Firea, has thanked citizens for taking part in larg numbers into the events organized on Bucharest’s Days and he congratulated them for they way they showed their pride for their city.

Mădălina Brotăcel – Agenţia de presă RADOR