Friday, September 30, 2016

President Klaus Iohannis will pay tribute to Shimon Peres in Jerusalem

President Klaus Iohannis will pay a last respect to Shimon Peres in Jerusalem, one  of the founding fathers of Israel and a distinctive figure with a central role in the important moments in the history of his country and the region, according to a release of the Presidential Administration. The message that the President will send at the funeral states that the true homage which we can pay to Shimon Peres is to assume that we will carry on this way of doing politics keeping with the values of the state. The President of Romanian Senate, Calin Popescu Tariceanu and the President of the Federation of the Jewish Communities in Romania, Aurel Vainer, will also attend the funeral. Numerous international personalities and political leaders, including the presidents of the United States, France and Germany, European Council President and the United Nations Secretary General, will  also be present. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

Bucharest will have 13 new subunits of the fire department

Bucharest will have 13 new subunits of the fire department. The measure was taken by the General Council of Bucharest and it aims to reduce the intervention time both of firefighters and medical teams of the Romanian General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations. The new subunits will be set up in all sectors and the budget, estimated at about 4 million euros, will be provided by municipality. The project is also supported by the state secretary Raed Arafat. „To reduce reaction time, to be more efficient in response, always to have a first car which reaches within minutes, even if you have other cars coming from other areas”, said Raed Arafat. In a first phase five subunits will be built, which will be ready next year. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

President Klaus Iohannis discussed with the Defence Minister of Moldova, Anatolie Salaru

President Klaus Iohannis discussed with the Defence Minister of Moldova, Anatolie Salaru, about the bilateral co-operation in areas of common interest such as security and defense, but also about the neighboring country’s European course. In this context, Romanian Head of State stressed that it is essential for Moldova to capitalize on the benefits derived from the relations with the European Union. At the same time, added Klaus Iohannis, Chisinau must comply with the European commitments undertaken and to continue  efforts to strengthen national institutions, to gain more credibility at European level. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)