Tuesday, October 4th

The IMF has revised Romania’s economic growth forecast

The International Monetary Fund has revised its forecast for Romania’s economic development in 2016, to 5%, compared to 4.2% in April, according to the latest report, published on Tuesday by the international financial institution. According to the IMF forecast, this year Romania will have the biggest economic growth among the European states, followed by Ireland, with 4.9%. IMF experts have warned that the peak of economic growth achieved by Romania this year will be followed by a slowdown, in 2017, of 3.8%, a bit over the 3.6 advance, forecast in April. But even so, Romania will still have the highest growth rhythm in Europe, in 2017.

Hundreds of Romanian Roma people live in poverty in Madrid

A few hundreds Romanian citizens from the Roma ethnic group live in misery in makeshift settlements in Madrid. The city’s Mayor’ office has initiated a plan to reduce their number or to ensure basic services like sanitation and toilets in their camps. The Mayor of Madrid, Manuela Carmena, has said that all the people who live in such conditions have been offered alternative solutions, but most of them refuse to move to regular households.

Iraqi migrants, detained in the Romanian town of Gighera

A group of 16 Iraqi migrants, six of them minors, have been caught by the border police while trying to illegaly enter the country by crossing the Danube river, in the town of Gighera, in the county of Dolj. According to a statement by the Border Police, the Iraqis have said that the intended to reach Germany and travelled through Turkey and Bulgaria, where they were stationed for a while, until they found two guides who helped them cross the Danube river, in exchange of 35.000 Euros per family. They are due to be handed over to the Bulgarian Border Police, which will continue the investigation.

Mădălina Brotăcel – Agenţia de presă RADOR