Wednesday, October 12th

Former Romanian mayor under investigation for alleged plagiarism

The former mayor of the Sector 3 in the Romanian capital Bucharest is under investigation for alleged plagiarism. Former Sector 3 mayor Robert Negoiţă made the announcement while leaving the General Prosecutor’s Office in Bucharest on Wednesday. Mr. Negoiţă has been accused of copying large sections of his PhD thesis in law from previous publications. It was the „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Police Academy in the Romanian north-eastern town of Iassy who awarded the PhD title in 2012.

Former Romanian PM again before DNA for alleged „Tony Blair affair”

Former Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta appeared before prosecutors of Romania’s National Anti-Corruption Directorate in the southern town on Ploieşti on Wednesday. It is the second time when Mr. Ponta appeares before the country’s anti-corruption watchdog for his alleged involvement in financial improprieties connected to another political figure’s 2012 visit to Bucharest.
Prosecutors didn’t identify the prominent visitor. However, Sebastian Ghiţă, a businessman also under investigation, said the probe focused on a visit by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. In exchange for sponsoring the visit (some 220,000 euros), Ponta, who was prime minister from 2012 to 2015, allegedly promoted Mr. Ghiţă within the party to help him win a parliamentary seat and a four-year term in the Chamber of Deputies. Both Ponta and Ghiţă deny any wrongdoing.

Three Romanians arrested over an Amsterdam killing

The police in Brussels arrested three Romanian men on suspicion of involvement in a brawl in the Amsterdam Red Light District that resulted in the death of a Dutch citizen. The suspects are 20, 22 ad 27 years old.The incident on September 3rd in the Red Light District of Amsterdam started when the victim, known as Robert Gerritsen, and some friends got into a fight with his alleged murderers. The 32-year-old man was injured to such an extent that he fell into a coma before passing away two days later.

Heavy rains in south-eastern Romania

Recent heavy rains mainly in the Romanian eastern province of Moldova raised growing concerns and made meteorologists to release a Red Code in the eastern Danube port of Galaţi and around nearby rivers of Suhu and Geru. Some nine Romanian counties in Moldova and south-eastern Dobrogea are under Orange Code while regions around Romania’s Southern and Eastern Carpathian Mountains are under Yellow Code with floods expected later on Wednesday. No victims were reported.
Alexandru Danga/adanga