Tuesday, October 18th

The Romanian Parliament has adopted a bill to convert Swiss Franc loans into national currency

The bill to commute the Swiss Franc loans into Lei (the Romanian national currency – n.r.), has been passed, on Tuesday, by the Parliament’s Deputy Chamber, which has the decisive vote on that issue. Individuals that own loans in Swiss Francs will be able to change them into Lei, at the value it had when the lending was purchased. The bill will be sent for signing to President Klaus Iohannis, who said that he would revise the law with the help of experts.

Former deputy governor of the Romanian National Bank BNR has been sent up for trial by the DNA

The former deputy governor of BNR, Bogdan Olteanu, has been sent up for trial by the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA). The anti-corruption prosecutors say that Mr. Olteanu has asked and received one million euro from the businessman Sorin Ovidiu Vântu, in order to intervene so that Liviu Mihaiu be named governor for the Danube Delta, in 2008. Bogdan Olteanu is currently under house arrest and is due to appear before the High Court of Cassation and Justice for the judgment.

June the 1st has been declared a legal holiday

The Children’s Day, which is celebrated on June the 1st, has been declared a legal holiday in Romania. Starting in 2017, all employees will be free on June 1st, regardless of their parenting status. Another bill that was adopted by Romanian deputies will allow employers to increase the value of meal tickets to up to 15 lei. The two bills are due to be signed by President Klaus Iohannis.

The simple motion against the Romanian Justice Minister, Raluca Pruna, is to be discussed within the Government

The approval, on Tuesday, in Parliament, of the simple motion against the Justice Minister, Raluca Pruna, will have to be analyzed within the Government, president Klaus Iohannis says. Although the Members of Parliament’s vote does not necessarily mean that the minister should be replaced, the Prime Minister is the person who will decide on that matter, president Iohannis has concluded.
Klaus Iohannis: According to the legislation in place, a motion does not necessarily mean that the minister should leave. But, it is, of course, a vote that will have to be analyzed in the government and the Prime Minister, along with the targeted minister, will make a final decision.