Tuesday, November 1st 2016

The Romanian Radio Broadcasting Company celebrates 88 years of existance

The Romanian Radio Broadcasting Company celebrates 88 years of existance. „The Radiotelephonic Broadcasting Company in Romania” broadcasted its first radio transmission on November 1, 1928, at 17:00. The words „Hello, this is Radio Bucharest” were said by the first president of the institution, physicist Dragomir Hurmuzescu. There are 88 years marked by history and by political and social periods which the public Radio experienced, 88 years in which Radio Romania supported the Romanian culture and it was a major player in the formation of the editorial identity. Today, Radio Romania is the most important media institution in the country, by the number of listeners who choose daily its programs. Through the campaigns in which it engages and through the major cultural projects it develops. Regional and local studios in the country, internet stations for children and youth and Radio Romania International add to national radio stations „Radio Romania”,”Cultural”, „Musical” and „Villages’ Antenna”. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

Romania needs massive foreign investment for development

Romania needs massive foreign investment for development, but, in the same time, Romanian capital should also be encouraged, considers  Minister of Economy, Costin Borc. „We are worse than our neighbors in terms of territorial development”, said Costin Borc. „We are worse than our neighbors in terms of industrial parks, we are worse than our neighbors in attracting foreign investment. Romania needs massive investment in a context of economic development.”  Minister of Economy pointed out that another problem is the lack of well-trained workforce and that many companies complain that they can not find qualified employees in certain jobs. Costin Borc added that solutions for wage rises and for a continuing professional development of employees must be sought, for bringing back home the Romanians who left to work abroad, for motivating super specialized people and with entrepreneurial spirit. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

Consular assistance for Romanians affected by earthquakes in Italy

40,000 people are homeless in central Italy after the earthquakes in recent days. Among them there are 200 Romanian citizens and a mobile team of the Romanian Embassy in Rome was yesterday in the area most affected by the earthquake on Sunday to provide consular assistance and support for those who want to return to the country. There are no Romanian citizens hospitalized and many of those who lost their homes were transferred to hotels in Lake Trasimeno area, in Umbria region. According to a press release of the Foreign Ministry, four Romanian citizens requested assistance for repatriation and two are already on the way to the country. At the same time, Romanian Embassy in Rome referred itself and appealed to Italian authorities regarding the death of a Romanian citizen who died 24 hours after the earthquake on Sunday morning. The cause of death to be determined in the next period. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

Adrian Strugariu