Thursday, December 8th

Romania marks 25 years since the enactment of its Constitution

„The 1991 Constitution, revised in 2003, was a success”, President Klaus Iohannis has said, on Thursday. He held a short speech at a symposium that took place at the Parliament Palace, to mark 25 years since the enactment of the first fundamental law after the 1989 revolution. The meeting has been organized by the Romanian Constitutional Court, whose president, Valer Dorneanu, has said that citizens’ protection must be at the center of any new Constitution.
Valer Dorneanu: Any drawing up or rewriting of a Constitution should follow the entrenchment of a democratic society, where the main focus must be to protect the citizen and not to promote or legitimize a biased or personal power, because, in the first case, the Constitution will be very stable, while in the second, there will be a drive to revise it, each time the force report will change on the political arena.
Reporter: President Klaus Iohannis believes that the vote is the most useful tool that the citizens have in a constitutional democratic framework, like the one offered by Romania’s Constitution.
Klaus Iohannis: Taking part in the elections and expression one’s electoral will is the safest way to regain the citizen’s trust in the fundamental institutions of the state. As president, I want a powerful democracy, legitimate and trustworthy institutions, and this requires a large participation in the elections. I urge all my fellow citizens to fully use this fundamental right.

Romanian Border Police has found 42 migrants who were trying to illegally leave the country

The border police in the town of Varsand, in Arad county, have found 42 Iraqi and Moroccan citizens who were trying to illegally leave the country, hidden in a carload. All of the migrants were asylum seekers in Romania, 18 of them were minors, and the youngest was only two months old. The driver of the tank car is a 48 year old Romanian citizen, from the county of Salaj. All the individuals involved are prosecuted for breaching the laws on border crossing.

Last day of electoral campaign on television and radio, before Sunday’s general elections

Thursday was the last day of electoral campaign on broadcasting media, ahead of Sunday’s general elections in Romania. The candidates still have day left to present their electoral offers. Romanians are choosing their representatives in Parliament. The 466 senators and deputies will be elected out of almost 6.500 candidates. Voters will receive two ballots to put their stamp on – one for the Senate and one for the Deputies Chamber. Romanians that live abroad have already cast their ballots and sent them to the Electoral County Bureau until today at 0:00. The postal votes will be opened on Sunday, after the polls are closed. 1254 voting stations are established inside the country, while Romanians who live abroad have 417 stations available.

Mădălina Brotăcel – Agenţia de presă RADOR