Tuesday, December 13th

The Social Democratic Party in Romania is the winner by far in general elections

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) has struck a decisive win in Sunday’s parliamentary elections, according to official data released by the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC). The results will allow the party to submit the prime-minister and inaugurate the new government. As Radio Romania reporters say, more and more social democrats say that Liviu Dragnea is the best choice to be prime minister. PSD has said that it will keep its promise to integrate in the government majority the members of Parliament from ALDE party and discussions on this issue are due on Tuesday. After a weak result in Sunday’s election, the president of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Alina Gorghiu and other liberal leaders has announced their resignation from the party’s leadership. The national Permanent Bureau of PNL has decided, today, that Raluca Turcan will ensure the interim presidency of the party until new leaders are elected.

Romania has a favorable macroeconomic evolution, the Central Bank’s Deputy Governor has said

Romania goes through an auspicious macroeconomic development, according to the Deputy Governor of the Romanian National Bank (BNR), Liviu Voinea. He has also said, on Tuesday, that threats to the financial stability of the country are also lower, but they remain meaningful. The main risk refers to a possible rapid deterioration of investors ‘trust in emergent economies. There are also other risks, like the unpredictable and uncertain framework in the banking and financial sector, and also uncertainties related to the budgetary construction and to the European space. Mr. Voinea also said that the positive dynamics of the economy is sustainable, as most of the excess demand from 2011-2016 has been covered by the internal offer.

Dacia Mioveni car plant has made one million Duster vehicles

The Dacia car factory in Mioveni has produces the 1 millionth Duster vehicles, six years after it has launched the first model in the history of the Romanian carmaker that was included in the medium SUV class. The model has been a success, due to its low price for a SUV. The Duster is available both in Europe and abroad and it is also manufactured in two South American factories – in Colombia and Brazil.

Radio Romania reporter Maria Patrascu Cornaciu has won the European Reporter award offered by the European Commission Representation in Romania

Maria Patrascu Cornaciu, a reporter of Radio Romania’s radio channel Antena Satelor, has been awarded the European Reporter Award, offered by the European Commission Representation in Romania, at the 2016 contest for European Reporter and Blogger. Materials made by the Radio Romania reporter, which brought her the prize, were: „Brexit and implications for the future of the EU and Romania”; „Open for inventory – a reportage on European projects in Prundeni”; „The importance of accessing European funds”; „The relationship between citizens and Members of The European parliament”; „The refugee crisis and its implications on the future of the EU.” At the 2016 edition of the contest, 45 competitors took part, with 2016 materials, in 8 categories. The winners will receive an Apple iPad, at the ceremony that will take place on December the 15th.

Mădălina Brotăcel – Agenţia de presă RADOR