Thursday, December 22nd

Romania’s Revolution 27 years after

It was in December 22, 1989 when actor Ion Caramitru and the poet Mircea Dinescu announced the victory of the Revolution at the Romanian public television studios. The public Radio building was also occupied by demonstrators who began broadcasting the revolution live. Appeals were made for calm and for the ceasing of confrontations with the forces of order faithful to the former regime. All over the country, big crowds of people gathered in the streets in support of the Revolution.
A mass followed by a wreath-laying ceremony have been performed at the memorial in front of the Romanian Broadcasting Corporation’s (SRR) headquarters in the capital Bucharest on Thursday. Participants included officials of revolutionary organisations who lighted candles and then prayed for the souls of those who died for freedom. The Revolution claimed more than 1,100 lives with 11 dying near the SRR building.

Confirmation of Romania’s next PM postponed

Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis stopped short of confirming the nomination of the new prime minister. The leader of the election-winning Social Democratic Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea surprisingly nominated a close ally, Sevil Shhaideh, for the job on Wednesday. Ms. Shhaideh was expected to become first female, and also first Muslim prime minister of Romania. However, President Iohannis postponed the confirmation until after Christmas. „Therefore, I wish happy holidays to all of you”, President Iohannis said at the end of a statement on Thursday. Ms. Shhaideh, who served briefly as Romania’s regional development minister in 2015, must be approved by President Klaus Iohannis and parliament, where the left-leaning PSD has a majority after decisively winning parliamentary elections on December 11.

Talks between Romanian president and PMP leaders

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis and leaders of the opposition Popular Movement Party (PMP) hold talks at the Presidential Palace of Cotroceni in the capital Bucharest on Thursday. The talks were part of the consultations between the president and leaders of the newly elected MPs in the country’s parliament. Former President Traian Băsescu, currently leader of the PMP, told reporters that the talks were „useful”. Mr. Băsescu added that he put forward his party’s proposal for the position of prime minister, Eugen Tomac. Born in the former Romanian province of Bessarabia at Babele, Ismail county (today’s Ukraine), Tomac is a PMP deputy following electins on December 11.
Alexandru Danga

Events commemorating the heroes of the 1989 revolution took place yesterday in the capital and in the country.

In places in Bucharest where, 27 years ago, the first revolutionaries lost their lives, they were laid wreaths and were remembered events since.

Reporter: Alis Georgescu – Several hundred people, revolutionaries, or public clouds came yesterday to the University, to light candles and to pray for the heroes who lost their lives on days 21 and 22 of December. Commemorative events began early morning at the Heroes Cemetery in the capital, where he officiated a service backed by a group of priests. Around noon they were submitted Condolence flowers at Troita Hospital Col And the university was celebrated a job, they lit candles and laid flowers there in memory of those who lost their lives in 1989./adanga