Thursday, February 2nd

President Klaus Iohannis has asked the government to repeal the emergency decree that amends the criminal law

The Romanian President, Klaus Iohannis, has asked Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu to withdraw the emergency decree that amends the penal legislation. Mr. Iohannis has held talks with the Ombudsman and members of the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM), on the likelihood to contest the decree at the Constitutional Court. CSM has already announced that it will approach the Court on the ground of institutional conflict between state institutions, and the Ombudsman, Victor Ciorbea, has promised that he will make a decision soon. Meanwhile, the opposition National Liberal Party has announced that it will file a draft law to the Parliament’s Chamber of Deputies to abolish the decrees that amend the Penal and Criminal Procedure Codes. The Liberals have asked for Parliament emergency procedure on the bill, saying that they are ready to use all institutional ways to block the measures adopted by the government.

Large protests against a Government emergency decree, in Bucharest and other cities

Thousands of people took to the streets, in Bucharest and other town and cities, to protest against the government’s emergency ordinance that would decriminalize some forms of corruption. In the Victory Square, four people were injured, during clashes on Wednesday evening. More than 125.000 people gathered in fron of the Government headquarters, according to estimates by the security forces. Most of the protesters were youngsters who were angry with the decree. Protests took part all over the country, according to Radio Romania correspondents. More than 30,000 people have demonstrated in Cluj, another 20,000 in Sibiu and almost 15,000 in Brasov. Several thousand protestors took to the streets of town and cities like Timisoara, Bacau, Iasi, Bristrita-Nasaud, Oradea, Targu-Mures, Zalau, Resita, Craiova, Constanta and Galati.

Romanian Business Minister has resigned over the government’s emergency decree on corruption

The Romanian Business Minister, Florin Jianu, has announced his resignation, on Thursday. He made the announcement on a social network website, saying that he had prepared the message the night the government adopted the emergency decree to amend the Penal Code. Florin Jianu explained that he postponed the decision, hoping that the conscience or, at least, the street pressure, would determine those who were wrong to repair their actions.

Mădălina Brotăcel – Agenţia de presă RADOR