Friday, February 3rd 2017

President Klaus Iohannis call politicians to consultations at Cotroceni

President Klaus Iohannis notified the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) in regards to legal conflict between the Government on the one hand, and the justice system and the Parliament, on the other hand, in the matter of emergency ordinance amending the Criminal Codes. The President argues, inter alia, that the government intervened unlawful by issuing the act, because the emergency of the measure is not supported. In an attempt to defuse the political crisis and street protests the President asked Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu to repeal the controversial ordinance. Klaus Iohannis: „I have to invite people to Cotroceni to find a solution to this crisis because otherwise things get worse and the street can protest, Romanians say their grievances, but the solutions can not come from the street, solutions must come from politicians and certainly I will invite them next week to present me the solutions„. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

Jobs available nationally

About 17,500 jobs are vacant in this period nationwide, states the National Agency for Employment. Most are in Bucharest and in Arad, Sibiu and Arges counties and the fewest in Bacau, Suceava and Botosani counties. Employers look for in particular unskilled workers, garment workers, security agents, sellers or drivers. Interested persons can contact the territorial agencies for employment in the towns or cities in which they live. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs warns on travel to Greece

Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs warns citizens who are, transit or want to travel to Greece that traffic jams caused by farmers will continue tomorrow in several areas of the country. Romanian diplomacy recommends consulting and websites and application „Travel safely”, which provides information and travel tips. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

Adrian Strugariu