Tuesday, February 28th

The main goal of the Romanian Army is to enhance the strategic partnership with the US and Romania’s profile within NATO

The reinforcement of Romania’s strategic partnership with the United States and its profile within NATO are the main goals of the Romanian Army, President Klaus Iohannis has said, at the 2016 review of the Romanian Army. The minister of Defense, Gabriel Les, has said that the country is ready to deal with security challenges, including threats at its Eastern border.
Gabriel Les: We are witnessing some complicated security events, with aggressive and disruptive actions at the Alliance’s Eastern frontier against a partner country, with terrorist attacks and massive migration in Turkey and Western Europe, multinational military actions against terrorist movements, in states like Syria and Iraq, unprecedented cyber-attacks – these are all situations to which we adapt with intelligent and adequate solutions.

The Romanian MEP Victor Bostinaru has appealed for a political debate nationwide on the concept of „Two-speed Europe”

Victor Bostinaru, a Romanian Member of the European Parliament, has asked for a nationwide political debate on the concept of Two-speed Europe. Mr Bostinaru, who is the Deputy Head of the Social Democrat Group in the European Parliament, has asked President Klaus Iohannis to hold a debate with Romanian representatives in the European Parliament and in the national Parliament, regarding the risk to make a so-called „Two-speed Europe” official. Victor Bostinaru believes that this unwanted scenario might be possible by feeding the populist forces that could gain ground before the 2019 European elections. A two-speed Europe would deepen the existing rifts between the wealthy countries – the so-called hard core – and the other European stated, says Victor Bostinaru.

Romania needs to ensure that the rights of Romanians living in Britain will be respected after Brexit

The President of the Romanian’s Senate European Affairs Commission, the Social Democrat senator Gabriela Cretu has said that Romania needs to ensure that the rights of Romanian citizens living in Britain will continue to be respected after the UK’s exist from the European Union. Gabriela Cretu has told Radio Romania that inside the Parliament clear limits were drawn in accepting some changes of attitude and behavior, but the negotiations with London have to be carried by the entire bloc. The Liberal MEP Teodor Stolojan also noticed that there were projects that need to continue, between Brussels and London. He has said that the labor market in the UK needs and will need work force from the European states, after Brexit. According to statistics, one in ten employees of the British health system comes from other European states.

Mădălina Brotăcel – Agenţia de presă RADOR