Friday, March 10th

Romania should not be afraid of a „multi-speed Europe”, President Klaus Iohannis says

The idea of a „multi-speed Europe” has been discussed by European leaders in Brussels on Friday, without the United Kingdom. The proposal would allow many countries to cooperate on certain areas, without the need for all the member states to participate. The member states will have to clearly state what areas they want to go ahead or, on the contrary, to maintain the status-quo, so as the Union will not get blocked when a few states oppose a common project. At the end of the European Council summit, the Romanian President, Klaus Iohannis, has said that a preliminary draft was agreed on a declaration that is due to be adopted at the summit in Rome, which will mark the anniversary of 60 years since the European treaties were signed. He added that Romania should not be afraid of a Europe with different speeds and he gave the example of the plan for a European Prosecutor that was agreed by only 17 states, including Romania.
Klaus Iohannis” This does not amount to a multi-speed Europe, This amounts to a project in which some will want to enter faster and other want to enter later. Something like that is acceptable, but to state that there are countries in Europe that go forward and others that remain behind – this is something that we cannot accept.

The Romanian Presidency of the European Council should be considered a country plan, Minister Ana Birchall says

The Romanian Minister for European Affairs, Ana Birchall, has said on Thursday, during a debate on the European educational program Erasmus that the Romanian Presidency of the European Union Council in 2019 should be regarded as a county project. She has urged the youngsters to get involved in achieving this project, which will be both an opportunity and a challenge for Romania.
Ana Birchall: Is is an opportunity for Romania to be promoted. At the same time, it is an opportunity for Romania to be an active player inside the European Union. We can do this if we are all united. We will [lead the European Council] at a time when Brexit will probably take place, we have the discussions on the multi-annual budget, finalizing the current mandate of the Commission, European Parliament elections and the start of the mandate of a new Commission and a new European Parliament.
Minister Ana Birchall has taken part, on Friday, in the debate „Europe of youth, the youth of Europe”, an event that is part of a public debate campaign meant to encourage a reflection on the priorities of Romanian Presidency of the EU Council, in 2019.

The Roseola has caused 17 deaths in Romania so far, Health Minister says

17 people have died due to Roseola in Romania, and the number of those who developed symptoms of the virus has passed 3,400. The Romanian Health Minister, Florian Bodog, has pleaded for the vaccination of the children against this disease. He said that all cases of Roseola have been present at un-vaccinated children and has urged all parents to immunize their children.
Florian Bodog: Immunization is the only solution that would prevent the disease. In the case of a continuous lack of vaccine covering, the decay will continue. The immunization with the first dose is made in 80% of Romanian children, but the second dose was only applied to 50% of children. We cannot block the free movement of people, but, at the same time, we must insist that regardless of the country they go to, the children who are vaccinated will not contract the disease.

Mădălina Brotăcel – Agenţia de Presă RADOR