Thursday, March 16th

The Romanian Prime Minister has met the European Commissioner for Regional Policy

The Prime Minister Soprin Grindeanu has held talks with the European Commissioner for Regional Policy, Corina Cretu, on the measures that the government in Bucharest must take in order to recover urgently from the delays in drawing in European Union fundts. Mr. Grindeanu has also met the American Ambassador to Romania, Hans Klemm, on Thursday morning, for a discussion on the creation of a Holocaust Memorial in Bucharest. This was also the subject of discussions that Mr. Klemm also had with the President of the Social Democratic Party, Liviu Dragnea.

Former Romanian President Ion Iliescu has been heard at the Supreme Court Prosecutor, in the Revolution file

The former Romanian President, Ion Iliescu, has been heard as a witness in the Revolution file, at the Supreme Court Prosecutor’s Office, on Thursday morning. In this case, Military Prosecutors have decided to extend the in rem prosecution for crimes against humanity. This means that the investigation focuses on the facts, not on an individual. In february, investigators have heard several members of the former Council of National Salvation Front and requested documents from several institutions.

False bomb alert at the Israeli Embassy in Bucharest

A bomb alert was issued at the Israeli Embassy in Bucharest, after a suspicious parcel was found in the area. Several Police and Pyrotechnists crews came at the site. The call at the emergency number 112 was made by gendarms who were in the area at the moment. Traffic was closed pending the verification of the package. The alert proved to be false, after the parcel was scanned by Pyrotechnists who found that there were no explosives inside.

„Invest in Romania” Conference has opened in the city of Galati

The first regional project on promoting economy, developed this year by the National Council of Small and Medium Bussineses, has opened in the Romanian city of Galati. The Conference „Invest in Romania” brings together contractors from the South Eastern region of development, local authorities and economic reprezentatives of diplomatic missionf from around the world. The conference aims at revamping the region’s economy, that the National Council of Small and Medium Bussineses wants to repeat throuhgout the country, this year. The Local Council has assigned a 160,000 lei budget for this conference.

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