Thursday, November 8th 2017

Romanian Magistrates are reviewing the proposals to amend the laws of Justice

The Superior Council of Magistracy (SCM) analyzes the proposals to amend the laws of Justice and is due to give an opinion requested by the parliamentary commission headed by former justice minister Florin Iordache. The parliamentary legislative initiatives are based on the draft made by Minister of Justice Tudorel Toader, but amendments have been made to maintain the country’s president in the procedures for the appointment of senior prosecutors. Before de SCM meeting, the Attorney general of Romania, Augustin Lazar, said the proposals could also affect the independence of the judiciary. „The initiator in the Chamber of Deputies comes up with the same proposals, making slight changes to ensure that in an emergency procedure the Parliament can control the justice system and can politicize the judiciary,” pointed out Augustin Lazar. Both the General Assemblies of prosecutors and judges have asked a negative notification from the CSM, as well as the draft submitted by the Minister of Justice. However, the opinion of the SCM is consultative, reminds Radio Romania Actualitati./mbaciu

Romania is one of the most attractive markets in the world for renewable energy

Romania is one of the most attractive markets in the world for renewable energy, said Thursday President of the Environmental Administration Fund, Cornel Brezuica, who added that Romania can also become an important energy actor in the region. The Romanian official made the announcement at a meeting with reporters that marks the finalization of a 7 million euros program through which six projects were completed. “The Environmental Administration Fund has funded such renewable energy programs for both individuals and legal entities, thus promoting wind, solar, biogas, biomass, geothermal and hydroelectric installations. EEA and Norwegian funds are also an important tool for the development of key sectors of the economy and society”, said Cornel Brezuica, cited by Radio Romania Actualitati. The construction of a geothermal heating plant in the Romanian city of Oradea are among the projects, said Radio Romania Actualitati.

A guide to help cancer patients to access innovative expensive medicines has been launched in Bucharest

A guide to help cancer patients to access innovative, expensive medicines has been launched Thursday in Bucharest, informed Radio Romania Actualitati. Called the White Card, the guide provides information on policies and strategies developed at European level in the fight against cancer. Present at the launch event, specialists said the informatization of the healthcare system has a crucial role in the implementation of strategies. Additionally, it would be necessary to develop electronic records for patient and prescription drugs monitorization. Romanian patients have limited access to innovative medication, reveal studies made. The figures show that out of 62 original cancer medicines approved in 2008-2015, only 7 drugs are on the offset list – said Radio Romania Actualitati.

Romanian Film Days begins in Madrid

The eighth edition of „The Romanian Film Days” was launched on Wednesday in the Spanish capital Madrid, with the projection of „Fixeur” by Adrian Sitaru, Romania’s Oscar Proposition. According to Radio Romania reporter Annamaria Damian, Romanian films continue to be successful in Spain’s competitions, but also in cinema halls. In Spanish cinemas were distributed this year „Cinema” by Cristian Mungiu, „Treasure” by Corneliu Porumboiu, „Sierra Nevada” by Cristi Puiu and „Ana mon amour” by Călin Peter Netzer. Bogdan Dumitrache won at the San Sebastian Festival the Best Actor Award for the role of „Pororoca” by Constantin Popescu. The film can be seen on November 12 during the Romanian Film Days, said Radio Romania Actualitati.

Magda Baciu, RADOR