January 8th, 2018

In Făgăraş, the risk of avalanches remains high

Meteorologists warn that, in Făgăraă, over the altitude of 1800 meters, around Bâlea Lake, the risk of avalanches remains high. Yesterday, a spontaneous avalanche took place above 2000 meters, on a northern versant of the mountain. On Saturday, in Fagaras, ten avalanches took place. Two persons in a bigger group, travelling towards Cabana Capra, got caught up in one of them.

Pedophile suspect examined by police in Bucharest

Policemen in Bucharest are hearing, at this time, a 45 year-old man suspected that, last week, sexually aggressed two children, 5 and 9 years old, in an elevator inside a block of flats in Drumul Taberei district. Looking for the aggressor, the investigators have searched on 50 streets and around 200 blocks of flats. Also, new images of the aggressor had been made public. Police had made an appeal to all those who have information about the man to call the emergency number 112.

Hundreds of people in Cluj have marched, asking the government and parliament to respect the independence of justice

Hundreds of citizens in Cluj have taken to the streets last night, to ask the government and parliament to respect the independence of justice. The protesters have gathered in the center of the city, outside the PSD headquarters. They have chanted against the main governing party and then they marched towards the prefecture, where they asked for the resignation of the government.
Yesterday, a number of nongovernmental organizations have asked president Klaus Iohannis, in an open letter, to mediate the conflict taking place at the moment between the state and the society. The authors affirm that the politicians are trying to undermine the fight against corruption, to jeopardize the prosecutors’ independence and to subordinate the judicial power. The 19 civic groups asked the head of state to turn to the Venice Commission for a point of view that would clarify if the changes brought by the parliament to the justice laws are compatible with the fundamental standards of the constitutional state.

The royal family will attend, on Saturday, the religious ceremony, 40 days after King Michaels’s death

On Saturday, January the 13th, at 12 o’clock, the royal family will attend the religious ceremony held for the 40 day commemoration of King Michael’s death, according to romaniaregaa.ro website. The ceremony will be officiated by the Archbishop of Argeş and Muscel and will take place in the Old Episcopal and Royal Cathedral at Argeş Monastery. Nuns at Mânăstirea Pasărea and Mânăstirea Ţigăneşti will take part at the ceremony. According to the source, all those who wish to be present at the event are welcome, while the prayer taking place at the grave will only be attended by the royal family. King Michael of Romania died December 5th 2017, at the age of 96.

Alexandra Ioniţă- RADOR