Tuesday, February 13th 2018

World Radio Day

Today is World Radio Day. It is the seventh year in which World Radio Day is marked.  February 13 was chosen to commemorate the first transmission of the United Nations broadcasting station, which took place in 1946. The theme of this year’s edition is „Radio and Sport”.  The Head of Radio at the European Broadcasting Union, Graham Dixon, talked about the importance of radio in the lives of each of us. „It is truly a great pleasure to celebrate together with Radio Romania World Radio Day 2018”, said Graham Dickson. „The radio is with us 365 days out of 365, it brings us together, it creates communities, it provides us so important information, it allows us to participate in debates, to meet different opinions from ours. We have to think that radio is the most accessible means of mass communication in the world. Radio must reflect the population in all its diversity. I want to congratulate Radio Romania and its listeners!” In Romania, the first radio transmission was broadcast on November 1, 1928, 90 years ago.  (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

Romania’s population fell by over 69,000 people

Romania’s population fell by over 69,000 people last year due to the demographic decline with 27.5% more than in the previous year, according to data published by the National Institute of Statistics. The demographic decline was mainly due to falling in birth rate. In 2017, over 191,000 children were born, 5.8% less than in 2016. In December 2017, just over 15,000 children were born, 192 fewer than in November 2017. At the same time, more than 23,000 deaths were recorded, more than in November 2017, but fewer than in December 2016. In Romania infant mortality declined in December 2017 compared to the same month of the previous year, with 105 deaths of children under one year, 13 less than a year ago. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

Traffic represents the main source of pollution in Bucharest

Traffic represents the main source of pollution in Bucharest, that is why the City Hall aims to take more measures to improve air quality, explained the coordinator of a technical commission of the Environment Division with the Bucharest City Hall, Ioana Suteu. Among these there are putting into service of two subway lines – the one in Drumul Taberei and the one that will connect the capital with Otopeni Airport, the completion of capital’s belt, upgrading 93 km of roads, increasing the weight of electric transport, but also putting into service in this year of 30 km of bike tracks or rehabilitating over 300 hectares of green urban areas. Ioana Suteu also said that restricting the access of cars in downtown is required  by imposing a vignette. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

Adrian Strugariu