Wednesday, June 13th

The 10th edition of Gaudeamus Book Fair is starting in the Romanian city of Timisoara

The 10 edition of Gaudeamus Book Fair, in Timisoara, organized by Radio Romania, starts on Wednesday. The event is unfolding until Sunday, inside a mobile exhibition pavilion, set up in Liberty Square. The Gaudeamus caravan returns to Timisoara, after five years of absence, and book lovers see the event as a genuine celebration of culture. Visitors at the fair will find in the Liberty Square the most important publishers in the country, that have brought the latest editorial issues, on promotional prices. Organizers have prepared a special stall, dedicated to the Great Union Centenary and many events, such as the contest „Reading at a two-step distance”, addressed to pupils, the campaign „Books are returning home” and the Gaudeamus tombola. Readers will also have the chance to enter the Imaginary Laboratory, the first interactive device to monitor brainwaves and their transformation into visual projections, while reading.

President Klaus Iohannis pleads for more substantial British investments in Romania

The Romanian President Klaus Iohannis believes that British investments in Romania could be more substantial and he underlined that ways should be found to keep diversifying the bussiness bilateral relations. Mr. Iohannis, who took part in the reception offered by the British Embassy to celebrate the anniversary of Queen Elisabeth, has said that 2018 marks 15 years since the creation of the Strategic Partnership between Romania and the United Kingdom, which has seen a great expansion in security and defense and also in trade. The UK Ambassador to Romania, Paul Brummell, who ends his mandate in the country, has said that the drive against corruption is important for Romania and he expressed hope that the country will keep making progress in this area.

The Romanian Social Democratic Party (PSD) accuses President Iohannis of an attack on the constitutional order

The Romanian President Klaus Iohannis says that PSD is trying to amputate the powers of the President, but he is convinced that the anti-corruption fight will go on. Mr. Iohannis has said that he has read the motivation of a Constitutional Court decision regarding the dismissal of the Chief Anti-corruption Prosecutor, but he hasn’t made a decision on the matter yet. I his opinion, a wide public debate is necessary, with al stakeholders and a possible referendum in the end, so as the Romanian people could express its view. PSD says that the statements made by President Iohannis are a grave attack on the constitutional order in Romania. In a statement, the PSD says that the President’s intention to submit to a public debate a decision by the Constitutional Court is an act of aggression on this institution which is fundamental for the democratic system in Romania. The Constitutional Court’s decisions are conclusive and generally binding, they are to be executed, not discussed, the PSD statement added.

Mădălina Brotăcel, RADOR