Thursday, October 4, 2018

The Environment Ministry launches the first store in our country which implements the no-plastic strategy

On Thursday, the Environment Ministry, in collaboration with a German retailer, will launch the first Romanian store implementing – with an important investment – the no-plastic strategy, part of an EU action asking that all plastic packing become recyclable. Unless we change the way plastic is produced and used, by 2050 all seas and oceans will contain more plastic than fish – is the specialists’ argument. In Romania, over 40% of plastic use is represented by one use plastic packaging. These items are used for a short period of time and then thrown away, badly affecting the environment.

Romanian Police confirms that former minister Elena Udrea and former DIICOT chief Alina Bica were retained in Costa Rica

Romanian Police confirms that former minister Elena Udrea and former DIICOT chief Alina Bica were retained in Costa Rica, following data exchange mediated by the International Police Cooperation Center. Judicial sources say that the two will be heard in court and further measures will be decided upon. Elena Udrea and Alina Bica were being investigated and monitored by the authorities in Costa Rica. They were both internationally prosecuted by Interpol, as a consequence of the convictions, in Romania, for corruption. The same source said, for Radio România Actualităţi, that at the moment of the hearing, it is possible that Udrea and Bica invoke their asylum requests and that could lead to the court postponing a decision of extradition. The Costa Rican court could still approve preemptive measures, until the migration authority decides upon their asylum requests.

After half a century, public transportation by boat on Bega channel is reopened in Timişoara

After half a century, public transportation by boat will restart on Bega Channel, in Timişoara, on Thursday. Timişoara becomes therefore the only Romanian city to have public transportation on water and land.
The Public Transport Society started by using three of the seven vessels, bought through an European project, and they will perform nine trips every day, from Monday to Friday, between 7:00 and 18:00, from Podul Modoş to Uzina de Apă. At the end of this week, two free pleasure rides will take place. The schedule will be available in the stations and on the site of the Transport Society, the ride cost is of 1 leu and tickets can be bought on board. Children, retired and other people who have free transportation can travel by boat without charge. Each vessel has a capacity of 50 seats. 2 million euro were paid for the she seven boats and the money came from the local budget.

MAE sides with Great Britani after London accuses the Russian Military Information Service of cyber-attack wave

The Romanian Foreign Affairs Minister expressed its solidarity with great Britain, after London accused the Russian Military information Service, GRU, of launching a cyber-attack wave meant to create confusion and undermine western democracies. GRU is supposed to have been behind the attacks against institutions including The World Anti-Doping Agency, in 2017, The US Democrat Party headquarters, a British television, in 2015. According to a press release by the Foreign Affairs Ministry in Bucharest, Romania, as an EU and NATO member state situated in an area marked by instability, is itself confronted with such challenges. MAE reiterated Romania’s firm commitment to support the fight against cyber-aggression.

Alexandra Ioniță – RADOR