Wednesday, February 13th 2019

Sibiu becomes a 2019 European Gastronomical Region

Sibiu has officially become a 2019 European Gastronomical Region. The ceremony in which the city took over this title took place last night, attended by representatives of the European gastronomical institute and of the European regions that held this status before. At the Academy of Terrestrial Forces in Sibiu, 50 chefs organized a genuine outdoor culinary feast. They cooked special dishes and the stars of the menu were a bull and six rams. Until the end of 2019, Sibiu will organize hundreds of gastronomical events. The aim of this program is to develop gastronomical tourism.

Taxi drivers demonstrate

Some hundred cabs can already be seen in Piaţa Victoriei in the capital, for a protest organized outside the Government building by the Confederation of Authorized Operators and Transporters in Romania, COTAR, to draw attention to alternative urban transportation services, that they consider an unfair competition, as they don’t comply with the same field regulations. Vasile Ştefănescu, President of the Confederation, explained the discontentment of the drivers:
Vasile Ştefănescu: We’ve been here for who knows how many times before and we are here again today to ask that, finally, everybody obeys the law. As long as we are in the European Union, I think we should all obey the same rules. In Romania, transportation is regulated by laws. You can’t come here, no matter who you are, multinational company or whatever and say: I come here from beyond the seas and I can do whatever I want here, in Romania. This cannot happen. In the first place, I accuse this government, that should guarantee the rule of law, of unfair competition. The government must take into account that there are over 100 000 cars that practice the illegal activity of transportation. There are over 100 000 people who don’t pay for working passes and levies, so there is this problem also, 100 000 cars that might have or might have not been verified. They don’t have any stickers on their cars, to let us know who they are, while our people are being chased and controlled.

Taxi drivers are also protesting in Timişoara, Arad, Iaşi, Targu Mureş, Zalău and Braşov. They ask the government to modify the law in order to make it possible to sanction in a real way those who perform paid transportation without an authorization. The present law allows Police to fine a driver only if he performs this activity repeatedly, a phrase that transporters consider unclear.

Fake Italian surgeon contests preventive arrest. Lawyer: he is not dangerous for any patient

„If patients hadn’t gone to the clinic, they would have obviously not been put in any danger. On the other hand, releasing Matteo Politi represents no danger to any patient, as he wouldn’t go with his scalpel in the subway train to operate on some random patient. They went to him at the clinic”, said Daniel Ionaşcu, Matteo Politi’s lawyer.
Magistrates of the 1st District ordered the 30 days preventive arrest for the fake Italian surgeon who is accused for three crimes, continuous abuse and unrightfully exercising the profession . On Wednesday, Matteo Politi’s contestation will be decided on.

Matteo Politi, the Italian accused of operating in several private clinics in Bucharest, even though his studies had stopped after eight grades, was caught by border police in Curtici, while he was trying to flee the country.
In 2011, Matteo Politi was convicted to a year and a half in prison in Italy – a conviction that has been suspended -after assuming for several years to be a doctor, using the fact that he had the same name as a well known cardiologist in Modena, Luigi Vincenzo Politi./aionita

Alexandra Ionita, RADOR