Wednesday, February 20th 2019

Ministry of Agriculture is launching an information campaign on European Fisheries Fund and Maritime Affairs

The Ministry of Agriculture is launching an information campaign all over the country about the financing measures of the European Fisheries Fund and Maritime Affairs. The first meetings on this issue will take place in Bucharest. Those who want can learn more about investments in aquaculture, marketing, auction centers and shelters for fishermen. The next meetings will take place between 26 February – 14 March in the counties of Braşov, Iaşi, Bihor, Maramureş, Vâlcea and Tulcea. You can find details on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture (Florentina Varga)./aboboc

PM Viorica Dăncilă said that the Minister of Justice had consultations on the issue of the emergency ordinance

Romanian PM Viorica Dăncilă said last night that the Minister of Justice had consultations on the emergency ordinance amending the laws of justice, including the representatives of the Superior Council of Magistracy:
Viorica Dăncilă: I think we have to change our way of thinking and when we change a law, we give an emergency ordinance. That ordinance does not refer to a person or a group of persons, all these things are for the whole romanian people and for all the country. I said every time that I want an independent justice, the laws are not given for a person, and I think politics doesn’t have to interfere with justice./aboboc

The Milk and Milk Products Law will regulate the information to be printed on labels

The law on milk and milk products, which has been in public debate for two months, will bring clear regulations regarding the information to be printed on the labels. Milk producers demand the separation of 100% natural products from vegetable or vegetable supplements.
Reporter – Adrian Marchiş – The new milk and dairy law is in support of the consumer because it provides clear and accurate information. It defines the natural milk product of the product with other additives that create confusion for consumers through the price difference on the shelf. In the draft law, the National Federation of Cattle Breeders requires, among other things, clear delimitation of 100% natural milk products from other vegetable milk products and their separate marketing. By this normative document on the Ministry’s public debate site, we hope that it will clean up the counterfeit market because the new law includes the obligation to register the products in the milk register./aboboc

Adelina Boboc, RADOR