Wednesday, March 13th

The Laser at Măgurele reached a new historical record

The Laser at Măgurele reached a new historical record – a power of 10 Peta Watts (PW). The installation became the most powerful of its type in the world. This is the biggest European investment in Romanian scientific research.
Ciprian Sasu : „The 10 PW reached on March 7th represent a new global first for the project in Măgurele. That laser has outperformed the South Korean one – with a power of only 4 PW – a long time ago. The Asian project has now become the second in the world. The Romanian government announced that, today, the premiere will be celebrated with an event organized at Măgurele. The authorities in Bucharest congratulated the Romanian and foreign researchers. The government also mentioned that it has supported this complex project, one of the most important research facilities in Europe, built with Community and national resources. The implementation of the project started in January 2013 and the budget has not been exceeded, according to the project manager. The investment rises to almost 300 million euros. It is included in a European research infrastructure that implies Romania, the Czech Republic and Hungary. The laser will help discovering radioactive isotopes that can treat cancer or it can help complete identification of the radioactive waste content of barrels without these being open, which is a very difficult task at the moment. The program will also be used to test materials used in space missions, materials that are sent away from Earth for long periods of time.

Medium wages – data from the National Institute of Statistics

The net medium wage in January 2019 was of 2.936, 18% higher than in January 2018 and 0,7% lower than the month before, because of occasional awards given in December. The highest values of net medium salaries were recorded in information technology services – 6. 768 lei, and the lowest in clothing making – 1718 lei. In the budgetary sector, in January, net salaries had a 10 % raise in education, compared to the month before, 6% in public services and 3% in health and social work, due to implementing the legal stipulations for payment of personnel form public funds.

Parliament meets this afternoon to reexamine the state budget for 2019

The Parliament meets this afternoon to reexamine the state budget for 2019. The commissions for budget and finances will analyze the proposed changes, along with the request formulated by president Klaus Iohannis.
It is expected that the debates will take place swiftly and disputes between the power and the opposition are most likely, as their opinions on the president’s request are completely different. PSD-ALDE coalition says that the state budget for this year is very well thought and, therefore, doesn’t need any changes. Liviu Dragnea, PSD leader, has repeatedly said that the budget will be sent to Cotroceni to be promulgated in the form adopted by the Parliament. On the contrary, representatives of the opposition say that data on which the budget plan is based on are not realistic and that they push Romania towards an economic crisis. Moreover, USR leader, Dan Barna, announced that USR parliamentarians will vote against if asked amendments are not accepted. The commissions will write a report that will be transmitted to the Parliament. If adopted by the Parliament, the state budget will be sent to Cotroceni and president Iohannis will have to promulgate it as he has used all ways of contesting it, by noticing the Constitutional Court and requesting a reexamination. The budgetary construction for 2019 includes a deficit of 2, 76% that has risen from 2,25% to financially sustain a raise for children allowance.

Alexandra Ioniţă, RADOR