Tuesday, April 9th

The civic initiative „No convicts in public office” was declared as constitutional

The Romanian Constitutional Court has ruled on Tuesday that the civil initiative „No convicts in public office” is constitutional and could follow the parliamentary procedure to be put into law. The initiative suggests that Article 37 in the Constitution, which provides for the right to be elected, be complemented by a new paragraph. It would stipulate that citizens convicted indefeasibly to prison sentences for crimes committed intentionally could not be elected to fill in jobs in the local public administration, the Chamber of Deputies, in the Senate or as Romania’s President, until a situation appears that removes the effects of the conviction. The President of the Save Romania Union (USR) political party Dan Barna believes that the Constitutional Court’s decision to declare USR’s initiative „No convicts in public office” as in line with the fundamental law is a victory. In a statement to the media, Mr. Barna has expressed confidence that the initiative which was signed by one million Romanians will be voted and supported by members of parliament from all political parties. The initiative is due to enter parliamentary procedure, with debates in committees and a vote in the plenum of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate; then a decisional referendum will follow, for which a quorum and a majority vote is needed.

The largest medical exercise in the history of NATO is unfolding in Bucharest

Around 2,000 doctors, paramedics, firemen, nurses and voluntaries in 39 NATO member and partner states are taking part in the largest medical and military exercise in the history of the North Atlantic Alliance, which is unfolding in Romania. There are simulations for actions needed in case of a military conflict that would affect the cities. Several interventions of rescuers have already been laid out in Bucharest, where building collapses were simulated. The international exercise is called Vigorous Warrior 19 and it is the largest of its kind. Such a scenario was imitated in the premises of the former beer factory Rahova in Bucharest, where a building collapsed and around five people were caught under the debris. The Romanian medical intervention teams, as well as those invited from Hungary, have intervened at the scene, along with specially trained dogs and were able to pull the victims out in a record time. The exercise will continue until April 12 and is also taking place in Constanta and Cincu, in Brasov County.

EU National Drug Coordinators Meeting in Bucharest

The Romanian capital is hosting on Tuesday the meeting of National Drug Coordinators in the European Union, where experts discuss about anti-drug policies on national and European level. These meetings are taking place twice a year and are organized by the state which holds the presidency of the European Union Council. Today’s meeting is considering for debate good practices in reducing the supply and demand of drugs, as well as the legislative system, and the institutional architecture, new aspects in the drug phenomenon, elements of management and strategic approaches and also national and European projects in this area, the Director of the National Anti-Drug Agency Costin Negoita has said. The meeting also aims at advancing at European level the national activity in the coordination of anti-drug policies, as well as results that Romania had in this area and lessons learnt, Mr. Negoita has added.

Mădălina Brotăcel, RADOR