Thursday, 25-th of April

The European Commission has announced it will carefully analyze the draft amendments to the Codes adopted by the Chamber of Deputies

The European Commission has announced that it will carefully analyze the draft amendments of the Penal Codes adopted by the Chamber of Deputies and will decide on the next steps. A spokesman of the EU executive board said that Brussels was very clear about its position on the rule of law in Romania and that our country must urgently resume the reform process. „If they do not respond to our concerns, the Commission will have to act swiftly and use the means at its disposal,” the spokesman added.

Co-payment of private medical services, adopted by the Government through Emergency Ordinance

Insured persons wishing to treat in private clinics and hospitals will have to pay a personal contribution if the tariff exceeds the amount settled by the National Health Insurance House. The contribution is called co-payment and represents the difference between the fee charged by the private clinic or hospital and the one settled by the Health House, according to an emergency ordinance adopted yesterday by the Government. The authorities believe that this normative act will bring more competition on the private medical services market and, in some cases, even lower tariffs. The project also requires patients to be informed from the outset about the cost of medical services and the amount of the state’s contributions.

Romania”s population, by residence, decreasing compared to 2018

The population of Romania by residence was 22.171.000 on January 1-st 2019, slightly decreasing by 0.2 percent against January 1-st 2018 – according to the National Statistics Institute. The demographic aging process has intensified, alongside a slight decrease in the share of young people up to the age of 14 and an increase of 0.3 per cent in the share of the elderly population aged over 65.