Friday, May 3rd

The US Embassy to Bucharest shows its solidarity to the brave and responsible Romanian reporters

Recent threats to the investigative reporters in Romania have no place in a civilized society, the American Embassy to Bucharest has said. The message comes on the World Press Freedom Day, and the US Embassy expresses its solidarity to the brave and responsible Romanian reporters, that withstand pressure and threats in Bucharest and other counties. Media and judicial independence lay at the foundation of the NATO alliance, the American diplomats say in a statement. It also underlines that the free press ensures that citizens are well informed and also guarantees a democratic government and the economic success of every country.

The Deputy Governor of the Romanian National Bank has been appointed as the country’s representative to the IMF

Romania’s National Bank (BNR) Deputy Governor Liviu Voinea has been appointed as the country’s representative to the International Monetary Fund. A BNR statement says that Mr. Voinea will take over the job of Senior Adviser to the IMF Chief Executive, as of August the 26th, when he will give up its post at the National Bank. At present, the Romanian representative to the IMF is Mugur Tolici, whose tenure ends on the 23rd of August, at his own request.

President Klaus Iohannis is attending the 9th edition of the „State of the Union” conference, as a guest of honor

The European University Institute in Florence is organizing the 9th edition of the annual „State of the Union” conference. Heads of states and governments, leaders of European institutions, as well as academic and cultural figures are taking part in the event. This edition’s guest of honor is President Klaus Iohannis. The conference’s main theme is European democracy in the 21st century, with a focus on the electoral context. Challenges that Europe is facing, as well as the prospect of a stronger European Union – which should be adapted and prepared for the aspirations of the future generations – are also subjects that the European political leaders, journalists and members of the academic corps are due to debate in Florence, Italy. On the sidelines of the State of The Union Conference, president Iohannis will meet the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, on Friday.

Mădălina Brotăcel, RADOR