Tuesday, June 4rd

The Ministry of National Education has awarded 87 pre-university education units

The Ministry of Education today awarded 87 pre-university education units out of the 136 registered in the „European School” National Competition. Minister of Education, Ecaterina Andronescu, appreciated that there is performance in the Romanian school, and this is due to the teachers. Certification of educational establishments called „European School” gives them recognition and prestige, and their efforts to maintain the title give rise to a growing interest in the development of new projects, leading to an improvement in school management and the development of a solid organizational culture./aboboc

Illegal acts and fines applied by border guards at exit points in the country

Almost 180,000 people, Romanian and foreign citizens, have gone through the border crossings within the last twenty-four hours, most of them out of the country, according to a Border Police communiqué. During this time, law enforcement officials found 37 illegal deeds and found undeclared goods to be illegally introduced into the country worth over 400,000 lei. The value of the fines applied exceeds 40,000 lei. At the same time, the police have forbidden the entry of 13 foreign citizens into the country and the exit of 12 Romanians for different legal reasons./aboboc

Former FRF President Mircea Sandu and his wife sued by DNA for bribery and complicity

Former President of the Romanian Football Federation (FRF), Mircea Sandu, and his wife were sued by the DNA for bribery and complicity in the crime. Anticorruption prosecutors say that in October 2009, Mircea Sandu, with the help of his wife, received a bribe of over 700,000 lei, for the Romanian Football Federation to conclude two contracts with a law firm. The documents were signed three weeks later – DNA shows – claiming that the law firm obtained over 11.7 million lei in 2011 from the Federation. Prosecutors have seized the defendants’ property and the case will be tried at the Bucharest Tribunal, informs RRA reporter, Diana Surdu./aboboc

Adelina Boboc, RADOR