Wednesday, July 10th

Jobs for foreigners in Romania

The Ministry of Labor and Social Justice proposes to increase to 30,000 the quota of foreign workers on the labor market in our country this year. The draft resolution published on the site of the institution is to amend a government decision that sets the number of newly admitted workers to 20,000. The Ministry states that this supplement with 10,000 foreign workers in 2019 may contribute to the required labor force in some sectors of activity or occupations not covered by the Romanian workers but also to the prevention of situations in which foreigners work in Romania Without legal forms. Data gathered from the National Employment Agency, out of the total number of vacancies registered in the first cynical months of this year that were made available to jobseekers, over 60,000 were repeatedly declared by the employer as unoccupied .

Record Donations at the Slatina Blood Transfusion Center for victims of the DN65 road accident

At the Blood Transfusion Center in Slatina, over 80 people came this morning to donate blood for the 18 injured in the road accident yesterday on DN65. Ramona Lesnic, the head of the center, told to people who want to donate blood that they can be presented in the next few days as the blood collection and processing capacity in the center of Slatina is limited. We remind that yesterday after the red-plan to interfere with the road accident at Prisaca near Slatina Municipality, Ramona Lesnic called for donors to be present at the transfusion center these days because the institution gave the entire county reserve to the County Hospital Emergency where the wounded were to be carried. Six vehicles were involved in the accident, one person died and 18 needed medical care.

AEP presented the online platform „votstrăină”

A website that pre-registered Romanian citizens in the diaspora want to vote in this year’s presidential election awaits the promulgation of the new electoral law to become active. The online platform was presented by the Permanent Electoral Authority (EPA).
Reporter – Petruţa Obrejan: „votstrăină” is an online platform that offers the Romanians two options to participate in the presidential elections of November 10th and November 24th, so that they will no longer have to spend hours in queues, and finally not to be able to exercise its constitutional right. Therefore, Romanians from abroad will be able to opt for a pre-registration, either for a particular polling station or for the correspondence vote. According to the president of the Permanent Electoral Authority, Florin Buică, the website will be operational as soon as the head of state, Klaus Iohannis, promulgates the law amending and completing some normative acts in the electoral field.
Florin Buică: All the information that we will receive and enter into the permanent electoral list for the polling station or for the correspondence vote will not be in the records of the local public administration. In the Electoral Register they will be removed from the permanent electoral list in the country and will be included in the permanent electoral list from abroad for the polling station or for the correspondence vote.
Reporter Florin Buică also said that the adoption of the government decision that strains the date of the first round of elections for the presidential elections this year was an urgent one as it can start the procedures for collecting signatures for the support of the candidatures.

Adelina Boboc