Monday, August 19th 2019

Romania – highest annual inflation rate in UE, in July

Romania kept its highest annual inflation rate among EU member states, a position it has held for the last seven consecutive months. Data published on Monday by the European Statistics Office shows that prices rose by 4,1% last month and, therefore, became three times higher than the European average. Romania is followed by Hungary, with an inflation of 3,3%, followed by Latvia and Slovakia, both with 3%. On the opposite side, the countries with the lowest annual inflation rates were Portugal, Cyprus and Italy.

Klaus Iohannis has begun his visit in the US today

This will be an important week for the relations between Romania and the United States. Tomorrow, president Klaus Iohannis will hold talks with his American counterpart, Donald Trump. His visit in the United States, which has started today, takes place at the invitation of the American president.
President Klaus Iohannis will have on his agenda for tomorrow the issue of visa liberalization for Romanians in the US. The Romanian president will talk to Donald Trump about energetical security, as America expressed its concern that Europe will become too dependent on Russia as far as energy is concerned. The president has expressed his hopes that energy legislation that has displeased foreign investors, including the Americans, will be changed in the context in which he observed that the Government is open to repair some parts of the 114 enactment and of the offshore law which, in his opinion, were not well thought. In Washington, the president also wishes to discuss to Donald Trump about the American troops in Romania, underlining that our country is open to hosting more American military. Also, meeting his American counterpart he will reiterate the invitation he has already made that he visits Romania. The visit to the White House is the second one president Johannis makes during his mandate, after the one in June 2017, and comes 30 years after the fall of communism in Romania and 15 of NATO membership.

The Romanian Army plans a historical trip around the world for the Training Ship „Mircea”

The leadership of the Romanian Army is planning a historical trip around the world for the training Ship Mircea and, for it, it will initiate a public fundraising. The trip would take place in 2021 and preparations will start this autumn. Until then „Mircea” will sail on the Danube to promote the offer of the naval education institutions.
Commander Mircea Tîrhoacă: Until the around the world trip we will have another short voyage, of nine days, on the Danube, now, in September, to promote Romanian military naval education institutions and, also, the fact that the first trip „Mircea” made in 1939, when it arrived in Romania, was on the Danube.

Alexandra Ionita – RADOR