Friday, November 29th

Romania is to buy five more F-15 aircraft from Portugal

Romania will buy another five F-16 aircraft from the Portuguese government, according to a draft law approved by the cabinet on Thursday. The Ministry of Defense says that the legislative proposal was sent to Parliament with the request to be debated and adopted in an emergency procedure. Ministry officials have said that the aircraft will have the same configuration as the other 12 alteady owned bu the Romanian air forces. This solution also lays the ground for the involvement of the national defense industry in the maintenance work and major repairs to the engines and the modernization of the equipment.

Court debates of the Revolution case, postponed until February 2020

The Supreme Court decided on Friday to postpone discussions on the Revolution file for February 21, 2020. Today, on the first term in the preliminary chamber, about 600 out of about 5,000 injured parties who were cited were present in the court. Two of the people who were parts in this case – one of whom was preventively arrested in another case – have called for the postponement of discussions so as to have enough time to study the entire file of the Revolution. At the same time, the preliminary chamber judge also found a lack of procedure regarding the way several injured parties were summoned.

Foreign nationals found while trying to cross the border into Hungary

Two foreign nationals were found near the Bors border crossing in Bihor county, while trying to cross the border into Hungary illegally. They originate from Iraq and Morocco and have asked for asylum in Romania. Also, in the area of the small village of Variaşu in Arad county, the police found a 33-year-old Libyan and a 22-year-old Syrian in Baia Mare. Migrants were planning to get to a state in western Europe through Hungary. Border police is conducting investigations into these foreign citizens and will enforce the legal measures that are required.

Mădălina Brotăcel, RADOR