January 17th 2020

New identity cards will also serve as health insurance cards

Legislative projects concerning the electronical identity card and regulating electrical push scooters circulation on public roads were the two themes of the press conference held by the interior minister Marcel Vela. He mentioned that the new identity cards will be, at the same time, health insurance cards and that there is a category of such documents that doesn’t use a chip but with a high level of security.
Marcel Vela: Electronical identity documents come with extra security elements. The identity card will gain the function of health insurance card by introducing a chip issued by the Minister of Internal Affairs and that will allow the possessor to log on the informatic platform of health insurance. There is a possibility to choose obtaining an identity card without a chip, for those who, for whatever reason, do not want this. I would like to mention, though, that this kind of identity card will not be used to leave the country.

Big fines for firms that haven’t implemented procedures established by Law 129

More than one hundred Romanian firms risk high fines if they haven’t managed to implement some internal procedures established by the Law to combat and prevent money laundry and financing terrorism that was implemented 180 days ago. According to the law, the firms had a deadline expiring today to name a person to collaborate with the national Office for Prevention and Combat Money Laundry and create systems of reporting of suspicious financial transactions.

Cannabis continues to be the most used drug in Romania, according to a report by the National Antidrug Agency

Cannabis continues to be the most used drug in Romania, according to a national report on the situation of drugs in 2019, by the National Antidrug Agency. According to the document that includes data from 2018, cannabis is followed by new psychoactive substances, followed by cocaine, LSD, ecstasy, hallucinogen mushrooms, heroine and amphetamines.
In 2018, around 4 200 drug consumers have asked for assistance. The report Alsop shows that the number of people found driving under the influence of drugs is rising.

Alexandra Ioniţă