January, 20th

The Government sent to Parliament the legislative proposal on the election of mayors in two rounds

The Government has sent to the Parliament the legislative proposal regarding the election of mayors in two rounds, for which it is to undertake responsibility. The draft normative act is accompanied by an exposition of the executive’s arguments, which claims that this step would be caused by the alteration of the democratic standard at the level of local communities. The election of the mayor in two rounds, says the executive, will ensure a greater degree of legitimacy for the chosen one./opopescu

The Romanian Navy ship „Vice-Admiral Constantin Bălescu” will lead a NATO naval group

The Romanian Navy ship „Vice-Admiral Constantin Bălescu” will leave today, for a six-month mission, in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. Leading for the first time the 2-nd NATO Permanent Naval Group against mines, the ship has a crew of 68 sailors and 17 soldiers. The group is subordinated to the NATO Allied Maritime Command, which coordinates four mine fighting groups, both in the South and in the North of Europe and in the Atlantic./opopescu

The register of sexual offenders, functional until the end of January, says the Romanian Police

The register of sexual aggressors would be operational by the end of January – Romanian Police announced. Thus, in the database will appear all persons who have been sanctioned or convicted for sexual offenses. All information will be extracted from the system that releases the criminal record. In it will appear all the people who have been convicted for 15 types of sexual offenses. These include rape, sexual assault, sexual intercourse with a minor or child pornography. Once a person appears in the database and leaves the penitentiary, he is obliged to tell the police where he will live, to be visited by the policemen at least once every three months. At the same time, those who come into contact with children or vulnerable persons must submit to the employment a so-called Certificate of Behavioral Integrity. The Law on the Register of Aggressors was enacted last summer./opopescu

RADOR – 20 ianuarie