Wednesday, July 8, 2020

According to a public opinion barometer, Romanian have become optimistic again after the state of emergency

After the state of emergency, Romanians became optimistic again and believe that we will shake the coronavirus pandemic off by the end of the year – as shown by an opinion barometer by the consultancy company Frames.

According to the opinion barometer, 92% of those questioned said that they have been greatly affected by the pandemic, especially by the restrictions imposed by the authorities. Only 6% haven’t been affected and 2% didn’t answer. Asked about the way they protected themselves, most of them said they used sanitary masks that 47% of them consider the most efficient measure against the coronavirus. Romanians have also used disinfectants more than ever. 39% of them believe that using disinfectants create an efficient barrier against a possible infection. Romanians are, generally, optimistic about the evolution of the pandemic: 67% of them seem very convinced that we will shake the coronavirus off by the end of the year, 61% of them think that the end of the pandemic will be represented by a vaccine and 12% estimate that technology and safety measures will be decisive in this process. The coronavirus pandemic determined significant restrictions in all aspects of social life and offices, production spaces, administrative buildings and HORECA sector are the worst hit. The opinion barometer took place between June 29th and July the 2nd, on more than 2,500 people.

Record spike in the number of coronavirus infections

A record number of coronavirus cases have been reported today in Romania: 555 new cases have been declared in the last 24 hours, more than during the state of emergency, and the number of deaths has passed 1,800. 18 deaths have been announced today. The number of patients hospitalized in ICU is close to the maximum number registered during the state of emergency: 237 today, compared to 288 on April the 22nd. The Strategical Communication Group says that this rising trend of infections is caused by the fact that the population doesn’t strictly respect sanitary protection measures – wearing masks, observing the social distance, avoiding direct contact with other people and frequent hand cleaning.

Romania is home to a quarter of the underage mothers in the European Union

Romania is home to a quarter of underage mothers in the European union. Our country is on the first place among the member state concerning this issue. Over 8,600 girls have become mothers before the age of 18, two years ago, and 752 of them were under the age of 15. A study released by Save the Children shows that less than 2 percent of the underage mothers have interacted with public social services, half of them haven’t received information about sexual education and almost two thirds had already abandoned school before pregnancy. The age of the fathers, in the cases of underage mothers, ranges between 14 and 39 and, in 10% of the cases are themselves underage. The access to information and medical services is essential, especially in rural areas and disadvantaged families – as stated by the presidential advisor Diana Păun, during a debate on the matter.

RADOR – Alexandra Ionita