Friday, October 30

Radio Romania, with you for 92 years

Romania’s public radio is celebrating its 92nd anniversary on November 1, the day when Romanian audiences could hear for the first time the welcome message of “Hello, hello, this is Radio Bucharest”. It was Dragomir Hurmuzescu, Radio Romania’s first president of the Administration Council, who made it possible. With a 30 percent national rate and its daily 3.6 million audience, Radio Romania is leader on the market.

Romanian Radio Day, a neverending story

Casa Radio Publishing House is suggesting a story celebrating the Noapte bună, copii! programme. It is a story starting on November 2, 1956, when Radio Romania launched its first edition of Noapte bună, copii! (Good night, little children!) For more than 20 years, a “Noapte bună copii” collection included new editions such as the 16th  and 17th versions of “Fairy Tales of the World” to be released in the next seven days. You can listen to such fairy tales as narrated by voices of great Romanian theater and movie stars such as Leopoldina Bălănuță, Octavian Cotescu, Ștefan Mihăilescu-Brăila, Alexandrina Halic, Costache Antoniu, Elena Pop, Liliana Tomescu, and others. Further details on

Romania’s SARS-CoV-2 updates

Romania reported 6,546 new SARS-CoV-2 cases on Friday, according to figures issued by the country’s Strategic Communication Group (GCS), reaching a total of 235,586 cases with a number of deaths of 6,867 people. Some 36,335 tests were performed in the last 24 hours. Highest SARS-CoV-2 rates were reported in the counties of Sălaj, Cluj and Timiș (north and western Romania). The figures come after Bucharest’s public health authority banned private events, and made mask wearing mandatory in most towns and cities.

Former Romanian policeman gets 20-year prison sentence

An appeal court in Romania sentenced Eugen Stan, a former police officer, to 20 years in jail following accusations of sexual assault on minors. The verdict on Friday is one year higher tha a a previous ruling in July, when Stan was convicted to 19 years in jail. Stan was accused of 18 acts of sexual assault and other pedophile-related crimes in Bucharest between November 2009 – January 2018 on victims between 5 and 38 years of age. Stan was arrested following a sex assault in an elevator on two brothers – a five-year old girl and her 9-year old brother.

Alexandru Danga, RADOR