News review of the day – November 6th

Final results of Romania’s presidential elections

Romania’s Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) announced the final results of Sunday’s presidential elections. Victor Ponta, the candidate of an electoral alliance between the governing Social Democratic Party (PSD), the National Union for the Progress of Romania (UNPR) and the Conservative Party, received 40.44% of the votes. The second place went to Klaus Iohannis, the candidate of the Christian-Liberal Alliance (ACL), with 30,3% of the votes. The two candidates are expected to face a runoff on November 16. Other presidential candidates include Călin Popescu Tăriceanu, an independent candidate with 5.36% of the votes, the Popular Movement Party candidate Elena Udrea with 5.20%, and Monica Macovei, another independent candidate, with 4.44% of the votes. BEC is expected to send the final results for approval to the country’s Constitutional Court on Thursday. A court verdict is expected on Friday. In another move, the Constitutional Court rejected 12 complaints calling for the elections to be anulled including a complaint put forward by independent candidate Monica Macovei.

BNR cuts inflation forecast

Romania’s National Bank (BNR) downgraded its inflation forecast by the end of the year from 2.2 percent to 1.5 percent. Lower gas prices, a sustainable gas price, the country’s rich harvest and an increase in imports from states who suspended their trade relations with Russia are the main reasons explaining the move, BNR Governor Mugur Isărescu told reporters on Thursday. An inflation under control next year could allow a long-term economic growth, he added. However, lower investments could be a sign of growing efficiency in public spending, Mr. Isărescu suggested.

Romania’s Prosecutor General about fate of President Băsescu’s so-called „Fleet File”

There are no reasons of concerns about the almost 100 incidents reported during Romania’s presidential elections last Sunday, Prosecutor General Tiberiu Niţu told reporters on Thursday. Such incidents will come under investigation as any other similar case and perpetrators will be sent to court, Mr. Niţu added before attending a meeting of the country’s Superior Council of the Magistrature. „As prosecutors, we are doing our job according to law. Therefore, such terms as ‘end of a mandate’ or ‘start of a mandate’ are just empty words to us. However, the situation should be surely taken into account. But evidence should be carefully examined according to provisions in the Penal Code”, Tiberiu Niţu said referring to the fate of the so-called „Fleet File” involving President Traian Băsescu who was expected to end his mandate next month.

Former head of Constanţa County Council back home

A former head of the County Council in the Romanian south-eastern port of Constantza is back to Romania coming from Turkey on a commercial airliner on Thursday. A police squad was expected to take Nicuşor Constantinescu to the capital Bucharest where he should answer corruption allegations. A medical doctor will decide if Mr. Constantinescu will remain in police custody according to an arrest warrant on his name or he should be sent to hospital for medical care. Under investigation for his alleged involvement in several corruption-related cases, Mr. Constantinescu left the country for cancer treatment in the US six months ago.

Alexandru Danga