News review of the day – December 9th

Romania reaches agreement with IMF and EC joint delegation

Prime Minister Victor Ponta has announced the conclusion of an agreement-in-principle with the joint delegation of the IMF and European Commission regarding the state budget for 2015, setting the deficit target at 1.83 percent of the GDP. The PM explained after a new round of talks with the international creditors that the agreed deficit is safe enough for Romania to be able to meet its fiscal commitments undertaken within the EU. On the other hand, Victor Ponta added that the deficit rate will relieve the pressure upon public expense. The chief of the Cabinet also announced an agreement for a 28 billion Ron co-financing amount from the state budget for European projects in 2015.

Senate endorses law regarding political migration

A draft bill based on the governement emergency ordinance allowing political migration of elected local officials has been adopted today in the Senate with 86 votes for, 36 votes against and 6 abstentions. During the debates, power representatives have reiterated the necessity of adopting this document whereas the oppostion has criticised its provisions saying they encourage political party switching. The draft bill – allowing local officials a 45-day term to opt for another party without losing their positions – had been previously adopted by tacit approval in the Chamber of Deputies and now is going to be sent to the President for promulgation.

Common message encouraging Romania on International Anti-Corruption Day

A common message encouraging Romania and its progress during 25 years of democracy has been conveyed by the US Chargé d’Affaires, the Dutch and British ambassadors to Bucharest on the occasion of the International Anti-Corruption Day. The signatories consider that Romanians should get more involved in the country’s social and political life in order to help consolidate the state of law and to make sure no one is above the law.

British Prime Minister David Cameron congratulates Romania’s President-elect Klaus Iohannis

British Prime Minister David Cameron has congratulated Romania’s President-elect Klaus Iohannis and expressed his support in the fight against corruption. In a letter posted on Facebook by the British Embassy in Bucharest, PM Cameron points out that Romania and the UK have developed a solid strategic partnership based on common values and purposes as well as on interpersonal relationships. David Cameron added that he looks forward to collaborating with Romania’s newly elected president within the EU structures in order to address common challenges such as the Ukraine crisis or European reforms and he conveyed UK’s availability to help Romania in its fight against corruption.

Eurocopter Romania completes contract for the British Royal Air Force

Eurocopter Romania plant in Ghimbav, Brasov county has completed a 300-million euro contract for the British Royal Air Force. The object of the contract was modernization of several Puma Mk2 helicopters. During 23 months, 20 aircraft built in the 70s have undergone a makeover process and have been equiped with high-power engines and glass cockpits, secure communication systems, modern missile defense systems and ballistic protection for the crew and passangers.

Solemn session of the Parliament to mark 25 years since the Romanian Revolution

The joint Permanent Bureaus of the two chambers have scheduled a solemn session of the Parliament on December 17th marking 25 years since the 1989 Romanian Revolution. Another joint session has been established for December 21st when Romania’s President-elect Klaus Iohannis is due to be sworn into office.

Draft bill introducing personal insolvency adopted in the Senate

A draft bill introducing personal insolvency has been adopted today by tacit approval in the Senate. The document stipulates that citizens with bank loans should benefit from coherent regulations meant to protect bonafide customers that reach bankruptcy. The provisions have already been endorsed by the Cabinet and wait to be endorsed by the Chamber of Deputies as decisional body.

Senate approves chemical castration for rapists

Romania’s Senate has adopted by tacit approval a draft bill stipulating chemical castration for rapists. According to the new provisions, the measure is to be ruled as compulsory by the court of law and is to be applied in the last three months of imprisonment time. The final endorsement in this matter is up to the Chamber of Deputies.

Tarom airline technical personnel threaten to go on strike

One third of Tarom airline company’s personnel, namely 700 technical employees, have taken industrial action invoking salary issues and they threaten to go on strike. The trade unionists demand higher salaries according to the collective agreement stipulations, but the management says demands cannot be met as Tarom is currently reporting financial losses. However, the employer hopes for a comeback in 2015. Two months ago, Tarom’s aircrew had also taken industrial action for the same reasons. The strike affected thousands of passangers over flight cancellations.

Bucharest hosts conference dedicated to children’s right to health

Statistic data for the last two years show Romania has the highest child mortality rate, the highest child abandonment rate and the highest rates of poverty and starvation among children in Europe. Bucharest hosted today the second edition of a conference dedicated to children’s right to health where legislative initiatives and measures undertaken by the authorities have been debated. An interinstitutional agreement for Romania’s children and teenagers’ health has been signed during the event. The document is meant to solve miscommunication between relevant institutions ensuring protection of children-and-teenager fundamental rights.

Severe weather expected to affect most part of the Romanian territory

Heavy rainfall over the last few days has severly affected Vâlcea county in the central southern part of Romania where landslides have produced. Several locals in Berbeşti have been evacuated for safety reasons.
10 counties in southern Romania are under a code-orange warning for floods until Thursday. The waters have already affected thousands of acres of land in this region and a child was reported missing in Teleorman county three days ago.
31 counties and the Capital, Bucharest, are also subject to a code-yellow warning for rainfall, snowfall, frost and blizzards until Wednesday morning. The regions of Moldova and Muntenia are going to be the most affected, with throughfall measuring 25 to 50 litres per square meter.

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