News review of the day – December 17th

Parliament solemn session –  25 years after the Revolution

The Romanian Parliament has held today, in Bucharest, a solemn session to celebrate  25 years after the Revolution. In his speech at the plenary meeting of the Parliament, the Speaker  of the Senate, Călin Popescu- Tariceanu has  stressed that Romania’s transition to a free and democratic society,  market economy and the rule of law were more difficult than the Romanians had anticipated 25 years ago. The Speaker of the Senate has highlighted the achievements made during this period, including the integration into NATO and the European Union. The Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Valeriu Zgonea, has said about the importance of keeping alive the memories of 1989 Revolution heroes.

The members of the new Government proposed by Prime Minister Victor Ponta took the oath

The members of the new Government, proposed by Prime Minister Victor Ponta took the oath at  Cotroceni Palace. Last night, theRomanian President Traian Basescu signed the decrees of revocation and appointment of some ministers. Mr Ponta’s reshuffled Cabinet has 23 members: PM, a deputy prime minister, 19 ministers with portfolio and two ministers delegates.

The discovery of a deposit of oil and gas in Muntenia region

The greatest discovery of oil and gas in the region of Muntenia in the last 30 years has been announced by OMV Petrom and Hunt Oil Company. The new oil and gas deposit was discovered in the southern part of Buzau county, after 2,500 meters deep explorations. The forecast indicates a  drill potential production of 1200-2100 barrels per day.

Romanian Authorities have no evidence that there were CIA prisons in Romania

The Romanian Foreign Ministry says that  the report on CIA interrogation program released by the US Senate and taken over by the media does not contain references about Romania, and the Romanian authorities have no evidence showing that there were detention centers or that the airports were  used for the transport or detention of terror suspects. The ministry has said in a statement that the authorities cannot ignore the spreading of  information criminalizing Romania. Consequently, a criminal investigation has been initiated and is being run now.