News review of the day – January 8th

Romania firmly condemns terrorism and all violence against freedom of expression and democracy

„Romania firmly condemns terrorism and all violence against freedom of expression and democracy” – this was the message conveyed by Romanian authorities following yesterday’s terrorist attack at Charlie Hebdo weekly’s headquarters in Paris.
President Klaus Iohannis, Prime Minister Victor Ponta and other high officials have signed today the condolence book opened at French Embassy’s headquarters in Bucharest. Journalists around the world have expressed their solidarity through the „Je suis Charlie” campaign born on the social networks shortly after the tragedy. Founded in 1969, with a 45,000-copies circulation, Charlie Hebdo is a leftist weekly magazine publishing cartoons and unconventional stories on far-right politics, Catholicism, Islam, Judaism and culture – Radio Romania reports.

Message conveyed by Radio Romania’s President and CEO Ovidiu Miculescu

Radio Romania’s President and CEO Ovidiu Miculescu has signed today the condolence book opened by the French Embassy in Bucharest to honor the memory of Charlie Hebdo’s attack victims. Mr Miculescu thus expressed his support for the fellow French journalists and conveyed his condolences to the victims’ families through this „perfectly normal gesture”.

Ovidiu Miculescu: I believe this is a perfectly normal gesture to express our support for our fellow French coleagues, it is only human to convey our condolences to the victims’ families and I also consider necessary this reaction from Romanian journalists – as the public radio is a public service – this reaction being all the more an expression of our determination to carry on with our mission and never give in, under any circumstances, to this type of abominable acts.(…) You cannot fight people’s minds, but it is extremely important not to give in, no matter what, as in the end it all comes down to fighting after all. To endure and not to give in, as this type of actions tend to intimidate as well and I believe media should not at all become defensive. I consider we should stand our ground sharply and be extremely articulate, without a shadow of a doubt.

President of the Romanian public radio added that journalists can now use the same weapons they always do: honesty, speed of reaction, seeking the truth, serving the public interest, presenting professional and verified information as well as showing solidarity of Romanian people.

Academic excellence of Romanian students abroad honored in special gala

Romanian youth studying abroad with remarkable academic and extracurricular results are receiving honorary awards tonight during a special gala organized by The League of Romanian Students Abroad (LSRS) at the Palace of Parliament. The 6th edition of the event is to reunite nearly 800 students, graduates, Romanian personalities, diplomats, civil society representatives and journalists who will find out about achievements that have made Romania proud of these young people in the 2013-2014 academic year.
Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis has attended the gala and has taken the floor, encouraging better recognition of excellence and performance:

Klaus Iohannis: It is high time we rediscovered role models and guidlines in our society, it is time we brought them to light and honored them. Should we build something solid, we have to transform excellence into a general goal and in the long run invest in that sort of education leading to excellence, in quality education that can face current challenges.

Central Bank Governor about policies to consolidate national economy

Romania’s Central Bank has cut monetary policy interest rate down to 2.5 percent reaching a new historical low. According to the Central Bank Governor Mugur Isărescu, the decision follows a trend of decrease in the annual inflation rate which is expected to rule in the near future. However, Romania’s economy needs extra measures in order to see consdolidation, the Governor added. It is all about a mixture of adequate economic policies compliant with provisions of international financing agreements alongside sustainable financial intermediation processes and proper payment of deposit accounts. All of these are essential to make the economy shock-proof to external influences.

Tax avoidance should be addressed as a matter of national security – PM says

The fight against tax avoidance is going to represent a significant goal for the next two years and it will have to be addressed as a matter of national security, according to Prime Minister Victor Ponta. The chief of the Cabinet considers that the Government needs to take action in this sector similar to anti-corruption bodies and announced a reunion on this subject for today at Finance Ministry’s headquarters.

Ministry of Finance to continue public assistance policy for new jobs

Romania’s Ministry of Finance will continue its public assistance policy in 2015 which is supposed to create at least 20,000 new jobs, by two frameworks, according to minister Darius Vâlcov. The finance minister announced that 30 companies are due to sign agreements with the Government mid-February meant to create 3.000 new jobs following  requests introduced so far.

Body of Romanian seaman killed in Libya to be repatriated tomorrow

The oil tanker carrying the body of the Romanian seaman killed last weekend in Libya arrived last night in the Greek port of Piraeus. The coffin is expected to be repatriated by tomorrow to Romania following procedures arranged in advance by the authorities. At the same time, the father of the deceased seaman who was also working on the attacked oil tanker is now receiving assistance from a consular team. A Greek seaman lost his life as well in the same incident. Libyan authorities have claimed responsibilty for bombing the ship arguing that the crew has ignored their orders to stop for an inspection of the tanker before docking.

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