News review of the day – January 23rd

President Klaus Iohannis expresses political guidlines in televised interview

Corruption must be seen as a threat to national security, President Klaus Iohannis stated last night in a televised interview with Realitatea TV and added that he will continue to support all bodies fighting this phenomenon. In his opinion, Romania has a huge potential despite this factor that is still hindering its evolution.

Another subject approached by the head of state was Romania’s relation with the Republic of Moldova which he considers to be special and unique. The President said Romania has to help Moldova to carry on its European path and mentioned he is expecting the new Cabinet in Chisinau to be formed in order to make his first visit as head of state in the neighbour country.

As for the internal agenda, the President announced he has invited political parties for consultations to find out their perspective regarding necessary changes that need to be made. Klaus Iohannis added he wants a reduced number of MPs and a more efficient Parliament, considering that talks concerning regionalisation, decentralization and revision of the Constitution should be resumed.

The President described his current relationship with the Ponta Cabinet as institutional and a normal one. Klaus Iohannis however declared he wishes a Liberal Cabinet considering that the actual government formula cannot materialize his political vision for the next ten years, Radio Romania reported.

Swiss franc reaches new record level against the Romanian currency

The Swiss franc has reached a new record level today against the Romanian leu. The exchange rate calculated by the Central Bank exceeds 4.58 Ron for a CHF, six and a half subdivisions higher than the one announced yesterday. The national currency has however lost more value against other currencies. The US dollar has risen with more than 12 subdivisions whilst the British pound gained 11 subdivisons. The Romanian leu has seen slight appreciation against the euro which is now rated at 4.49 Ron. These developments follow mainly a decision made yesterday by the European Central Bank to start a program meant to inject 60 billion euros every month in the Eurozone economy by 2016, buying assets, including government bonds.

Wine-making company receives „Entrepreneur of the Month” title awarded by the US Embassy

A wine-making company in Romania is the first to receive the title „Entrepreneur of the Month” awarded by the US Embassy in Bucharest within a new program in 2015 meant to promote persons and companies from all sectors of the economy. Senator Wine has 250 employees and exports almost 30% of its total production to 20 foreign markets thus promoting wines obtained from local varieties. It is also one of the companies to have received European financing to promote its wines in the United States, according to the US Embassy.

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