News review of the day – Wednesday, March 25th

Appointment of new US ambassador to Romania

The newly appointed US Ambassador to Romania is Hans G. Klemm, a former American ambassador to East Timor (2007 – 2010), according to a State Department statement issued on Tuesday. A professional diplomat, Mr. Klemm joined the US Foreign Service in 1981 before becoming an ambassador and then Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary in the State Department’s Bureau of Human Resources. Hans G. Klemm also served as Senior Adviser to the Under Secretary for Management at the State Department. Romanian Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu welcomed the appointment in a statement on Wednesday. Mr. Aurescu also expressed his commitment to co-operate with the US ambassador towards enforcing the US – Romania strategic partnership.

US Army conducts training missions in Romania and Bulgaria

The US is conducting training exercises in Romania and Bulgaria as Operation Atlantic Resolve is moving eastward, Pentagon spokesman Col. Steven Warren said in a briefing with reporters in Washington D.C. Tuesday’s training exercise, which brought together troops from the 173rd with soldiers from the Vilseck, Germany-based 2nd Cavalry Regiment, is the beginning of what is expected to be a steady US Army presence in the strategic Black Sea region, The 173rd Airborne Brigade has arrived in the Romanian eastern town of Galaţi where training exercises were planned on Tuesday at the Smârdan Training Area. Similar training exercises opened in the neighbouring Bulgaria involving two American ground units and Bulgarian troops. Simultaneously, USAREUR’s 2nd Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment is conducting a simulated ground assault from Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base to link up with the paratroopers, conducting a forward passage of lines and conducting follow-on training exercises, Mr. Warren added..

Arrest approved… and rejected

The upper house of the Romanian Parliament approved the arrest of former Finance Minister Darius Vâlcov following a request put forward by anti-corruption prosecutors. The Senate has approved the preventive arrest of Mr. Vâlcov with 97 votes in favour to 48 against. Prosecutors launched an investigation into Mr. Vâlcov’s case earlier this month when he was charged with influence peddling. Some of the gains discovered in a property included a sum of $90,000, three gold bars weighing three kilos and three peintings with one of French master Pierre-Auguste Renoir among them. However, the Senate rejected a similar request concerning the arrest of Dan Şova, a senator of the governing Social Democratic Party (PSD) and former minister who is also accused of wrongdoings in connection with contracts signed between Mr. Şova’s law firm and two energy plants in Turceni and Rovinari.

Career Days in Timişoara

Some 70 companies are attending the Career Days in the Romanian western town of Timişoara. The two-day event is hosted by the Timişoara Polytechnic University for both students and graduates. Most job offers involve the IT and automotive indutries. But the fair also offers good opportunities for training in research labs and scholarships abroad through the EU’s European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students known as Erasmus. Students are allowed to visit companies starting from April 1. The Career Days opened on Wednesday at 9AM.

Alexandru Danga