News review of the day – April 6th

Renowned radio journalist Paul Grigoriu dies at 70

Renowned and beloved Romanian radio journalist Paul Grigoriu passed away on Friday at the age of 70. A living legend of the public radio, Paul Grigoriu has undeniably marked the history of this medium after the 1989 Revolution through his performance and unmistakable voice.
With a Bachelor’s degree in French, he worked for the international broadcasting station of the public radio, in the French Service, at the beginning of his career. Subsequently, he became one of the most recognizable voices of the summer broadcast station „Radio Holidays” for 30 years. From 1990 to 2002 he hosted the morning show „Matinal” on Radio Romania’s news station which became his personal brand. Later on, until his retirement in 2009, he has hosted several popular talk-shows at the same news station.
„A most accomplished journalist, gifted writer and master of many radio personalities, Paul Grigoriu knew how to maintain an editorial balance that ultimately brought him not only professional recognition, but the love of millions of listeners ” – as noted in an official press release by the public radio’s Board of Directors.
Paul Grigoriu was decorated by two Presidents with high orders of merit bestowed by the Romanian State.

Possible cut in the VAT level ahead of schedule

Prime Minister Victor Ponta has announced today a possible cut in the VAT level ahead of schedule, a decision expected  by tonight or by tomorrow. The state budget collection in the first quarter has exceeded estimation by 3 and a half billion RON which allows that certain provisions of the new Tax Code applicable from 2016 to be enforced as soon as 2015. The chief of the Cabinet also announced he is going to present a summing-up of the last three years and priorities for 2016-2020 as well as for the upcoming elections next year.

The President and the Prime Minister sent public messages marking NATO Day in Romania

Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis and Prime Minister Victor Ponta have sent public messages the other day, marking NATO Day in Romania. In a Facebook post, the President considered Romania’s NATO membership a guarantee for security and at the same time a guideline for our country’s foreign policy. In his turn, PM Victor Ponta stated that Romania’s adhesion to The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is one of the great accomplishments following the 1989 Revolution and added that Romanian authorities remain committed to their NATO allies.

Average net wage in Romania reached 1.731 Ron (390 euros)

The average net wage in Romania reached 1.731 Ron (390 euros) this February, according to data released today by the National Institute of Statistics. The average wage thus rose by 6.5 percent against the previous year in February. The highest rates have been registered in the tobacco industry whilst the lowest wages are offered in the hospitality industry.

The Orthodox and Greek-Catholic faithful are entering the Holy Week

The Orthodox and Greek-Catholic faithful are entering the Holy Week today after celebrating The Palm Sunday. The priests have marked Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem by masses whilst Christians with flower names have celebrated their name day. Until Friday, the Orthodox and Greek-Catholic churches are commemorating the passions of Christ and The Saviour’s sacrifice. Divine Liturgy of the Last Supper is held on the morning of Great and Holy Thursday, combining Vespers with the Liturgy of Saint Basil the Great. There is a custom among some churches to place a simple white linen cloth over the Holy Table (altar) for this Liturgy, reminiscent of the Last Supper. This is a time of repentance and preparation for the Easter – the biggest Christian holiday – which is to ne marked this Sunday.

„Another Kind of School” Program starts today for pre-college students all over Romania

Pre-college students all over Romania are entering a special week dedicated to extracurricular activities known as Scoala Altfel („Another Kind of School”). For five days they will engage in leisure activities like going to the museum, to the theatre or the movies but they will also be able to learn new things by visiting different institutions where they can witness a regular working day. The public radio is one among these institutions which open their doors for the students. More than 1.000 children are expected to visit the radio stations this week.

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