News review of the day – Friday, April 17th

Multinational military exercises in Romania, at Smardan polygon and in Campia Turzii

In Romania takes place two important multinational military exercises. The first takes place in polygon Smârdan, where there will be present over 2,000 troops and combat equipment from Romania, United States, United Kingdom and the Republic of Moldova. According to the organizers, the exercise aims to ensure regional stability and security, especially in the current security environment in the eastern flank of NATO. Joint military exercises will also take place in Campia Turzii, involving more than 350 American troops with 11 A-11 military aircraft and about 300 Romanian troops with four MIG 21 Lancer aircraft and six IAR hellicopters. The American Detachment Commander, Lieutenant General Darryl Roberson, said that this exercise is a response that the allies in NATO give to Russia. „I think countries near Russia understand best the threats they faced. Their fear is different from that of countries further from the area”, said  Darryl Roberson. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

Prime Minister Victor Ponta rejects threats and criticism by some Russian officials to Romania’s security

Prime Minister Victor Ponta categorically rejected the „threats and criticism” from some Russian officials and warned that these gestures will not intimidate and they will not cause changes in Bucharest’s strategy. Victor Ponta reacted to yesterday’s statement of the Chief of Staff of the Russian Army, general Valeri Gherasimov, on American missile defense system and NATO, which has components in several Eastern European countries, including Romania, where elements of the shield will be placed at Deveselu base. According to the Russian general, missile defense is a real threat to his country and thus the states hosting the shield become legitimate targets. (RADIO ROMANIA reports).

Press release of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Three Romanian citizens and two members of their families, Yemeni citizens, were evacuated safely, by land, from Yemen to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, informs in a statement the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Romanian diplomatic mission in Riyadh carries out legal procedures for the repatriation of the evacuees. The crisis cell continues the efforts to evacuate safely Romanian citizens in Yemen and remains in permanent contact with them, states the press release.  (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

Adrian Strugariu