News review of the day – Monday, April 27th

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis on a visit to Italy

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis is in Rome for a two-day official visit to Italy following an invitation by his Italian counterpart Sergio Mattarella. The president’s agenda includes official meetings and talks with Senate speaker Pietro Grasso and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. The first day of his visit also includes a meeting with representatives of the Romanians in Italy, the largest Romanian community abroad. President Iohannis is also expected to meet Romanian students in Italy at the Accademia di Romania on Tuesday. Official figures following Romania’s presidential elections in November last year revealed that 88 percent of Romanians in Italy expressed their support for Mr. Iohannis. The Romanian president is actually planning to visit all EU countries known for their large Romanian communities in order to get acquainted with the problems they face. Soon after his election, president Iohannis visited France, Germany, Poland, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine for similar reasons. Mr. Iohannis’ next visit will be to Spain, another country where many Romanians have chosen to live.

Deputy speaker of Romania’s lower house before DNA prosecutors

The deputy speaker of Romanian Parliament’s lower house appeared before prosecutors with the country’s National Anticorruption Directorate on Monday. Florin Iordache, a MP of the governing Social Democratic Party (PSD), stopped short from making any comment about the event as he entered the DNA headquarters. Mr. Iordache is supposed to appear as witness in a file concerning Poşta Română (the country’s national operator of postal services), according to reports. Florin Iordache previously appeared before DNA prosecutors in January.

Lilian Zamfiroiu resigns as ICR president

The president of the Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR) has resigned, according to a presse release on Monday. A former deputy ambassador to UNESCO (2008 – 2013), Lilian Zamfiroiu was appointed on June 26, 2013 as head of the Romanian Cultural Institute. His resignation was submitted to the Senate Speaker’s Office on Friday. The decision comes as objectives assumed during the two-year mandate were reached, the statement claims. Mr. Zamfiroiu said he was supposed to return to diplomacy. Sources say he is expected to become th next Romanian ambassador to the Vatican. Liviu Sebastian Jicman who is currently ICR vicepresident will become acting president of the ICR.

Romania’s War Veterans Day

Romania is celebrating the War Veterans Day on April 28th, an event organised by the Defence Ministry in co-operation with Romania’s Interior Ministry. Romanian Defence Minister Mircea Duşa is expected to attend a concert dedicated to war veterans and those who died in combat during the WWII. Organised in co-operation with the Romanian Broadcasting Corporation (SRR), the show will host famous Romanian artists such as Felcia Filip, Sava Negrean Brudaşcu, Veta Biriş, Grigore Leşe, Gheorghe Roşoga Margareta Clipa, Ovidiu Purdea Someş, Oana Matei, Maria Guzu, the Men of Libotin, Romanian folk dancers of the Romanaţi Ensemble in Caracal, Defence Ministry’s Traditional Fanfare and Romanian Radio’s folk music orchestra.
Early on Monday, The National Military Circle Palace in Bucharest was hosting a solemn assembly of veterans and relatives of those who died in combat during the WWII.
A Veterans Marathon is expected on Tuesday, April 28th, starting from the Homeland Heroes’ Memorial at the Carol I Defence University in Bucharest where a wreath-laying ceremony will be organised on the occasion.

Alexandru Danga – RADOR