Wednesday, May 6th

Key-vote expected in Romanian Parliament’s lower house

A key-vote on political parties’ financing and election campaigns is expected in the Romanian Parliament’s lower house on Wednesday The vote also includes new rules on local elections and party foundation after the House of Deputies’ Electoral Code Committee approved the changes almost unanimously. Previously approved by the Senate, the draft law establishes a single-round voting for mayors and local council chiefs as the move is accepted by most of the parties. The opposition National Liberal Party (PNL) was the only political party against the move as it expressed its support for a two-round vote. The state budget, and not the local budget is expected to cover election spendings while dismissal of local elected officials is simplified, according to new draft law.
„There are no major changes as compared with changes already approved by the Senate. However, the text is further clarifying responsabilities of the Permanent Electoral Authority such as electoral register or monitoring and prevention of multiple vote”, PNL Senator and Electoral Code Commision Chairman Mihai Voicu told RADIO ROMANIA.

Romania’s Supreme Court decision delayed

Romania’s Supreme Court has decided to delay until May 15 a decision concerning the file of Development Minister Liviu Dragnea. Mr. Dragnea was waiting for a verdict concerning his alleged involvement in the so-called „Referendum” file as he was accused of corruption-related crimes during his mandate as secretary general of the governing Social Democratic Party (PSD). A previous hearing saw the cauntry’s anticoruption watchdog, the DNA, calling for a prison term without parole. Liviu Dragnea denied any wrongdoing in a statement on Tuesday as he claimed there was no „clear” evidence against him.

Student protests in Timişoara

Some 50 students were protesting before the Prefecture building in the Romanian western town of Timişoara on Wednesday. They called for an increase in education financing to 6 percent of the GDP, and a 25 percent say in electing university chancellors as many were about to end their mandate. Students of the Western University in Timişoara attended debates on education issues on Tuesday when student leader Vlad Cherecheş pointed out that the protest should not be seen as a strike. Similar protests were reported in the eastern Romanian ports of Galaţi and Constanţa on Tuesday.

Ruling of Romania’s Constitutional Court

The Constitutional Court in Romania has admitted a complaint put forward by the opposition National Liberal Party (PNL) against Dan Şova, a senator of the ruling Social Democratic Party (PSD).  The court found that a vote in the Senate preventing Mr. Şova to face corruption allegations was unconstitutional. The National Anticorruption Dorectorate (DNA) has asked the Prosecutor General to notify the Romanian Senate in order to allow the preventive arrest of Mr. Şova on corruption charges, a request rejected at the time by the Senate. However, the Senate now announced it would meet in an emergency session to discuss the issue following the court ruling on Wednesday.

RADOR, Alexandru Danga