News review of the day – May 29th

Romania will have access to the ISS and will send two satellites in the outer space

Romania will send two satellites, worth 1 million euros, called Robisat 1 and Robisat 2 in the outer space next year, which are going to be used for reasearch of the ionosphere and to help improve the strength of the GPS signal. Additionally, the newest rocket by ESA (European Space Agency) that is to be assembled near Paris is also built with the help of a lathe made in Romania. The latest results of the national space research program have been presented in Bucharest during the Romanian Space Week. Not providing further details, the President of ROSA (The Romanian Space Agency), Marius Piso, has stated in an interview with Radio Romania this morning that one of the most important achievements for our country is Romania’s access to the International Space Station which will provide an important reasearch infrastructure. Romania is the 16th state and probably one of the last, according to ROSA president, which has been granted access to carry on projects on the ISS.

Mortgage loans’ worth – more than double against the previous year

Commercial banks in Romania have granted mortgage loans worth 600 million Ron this April, according to data made available by the Central Bank. The mortgage loan in national currency is thus maintaining its upward trend determined by lower interest rates and the restart of financing through the national „First Home” program. Mortgage loans’ worth has reached 12 billion Ron at the end of April seeing a 2.5-fold rise against last year’s data.

Construction works at Sibiu-Pitesti highway to enter new stage

Construction works at Sibiu-Pitesti highway are entering a new stage as Romania’s National Motorways and Roads Company (CNADNR)  will sign the contract to review the feasibility study after a setback in court. CNADNR was asked to re-evaluate the bidding offers by the National Council for Solving Complaints but the company won the appeal at Bucharest’s Court of Appeal.  CNADNR is now allowed to sign the contract with the initial winners of the bid. According to a press release, the contract is worth 6.5 million euros, VAT excluded. The new highway is supposed to interconnect the current belt roads of Sibiu and Pitesti cities.

Transylvania International Film Festival – TIFF – starts off tonight in Cluj-Napoca

The most important film festival in Romania – Transylvania International Film Festival (TIFF) is starting off tonight in the city of Cluj-Napoca. The opening gala will take place in Unirii Square at 08:45 PM in a set-up outdoor cinema. For ten days, until next Sunday, cinema halls in the city will screen more than 220 movies from all around the world. 850 personalities in the movie industry are expected to attend the events. Nastassja Kinski is one of the movie stars coming to Cluj-Napoca.

Radio Romania starts editorial campaign dedicated to vaccination

Radio Romania is starting an editorial campaign between June 1-5 aiming to properly inform parents on vaccination and its impact on public health, as well as pointing out possible side effects, risks and reasons for which some parents choose ever so often not to vaccinate their children. Vaccination rate in Romania has dropped under 90%, according to the latest statistics as parents fear the risks, but doctors are warning that not all information spread on the Internet is reliable and correct. Many websites and blogs are leading a parallel campaign advising parents to refuse vaccination. What are, however, the experts’ opinions? All stations of the public radio are going to join this editorial project called „Vaccine for Life” trying to analyze in their shows the aspects of this problem in Romania and to offer objective and thorough information to help parents be aware when they make a decision.

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