Monday, July 6th

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis about the referendum in Greece

Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis expressed the hope that solutions could be found in order to ensure Greece’s European future after the Greek vote against the austerity measures requested by their country’s creditors. „It is important that all EU members unite in their effort to find a way out of the crisis”, President Iohannis said in a message posted on Monday. Share prices went down across the Asia-Pacific on Monday after Greece’s ‘oxi’ (no) vote in the Sunday’s bailout referendum. Greece’s EU and IMF creditors will discuss their next move on Tuesday.

Craiova Medical University under investigation

Prosecutors with Romania’s General Prosecutor’s Office opened an enquiry into an alleged corruption-related case at the Medical University in the Romanian south-western town of Craiova. Scholars are being questioned for allegedly taking bribes as sources say that some 50-100 euros were needed for a student to pass an exam. Some 15 raids by law enforcement officers were reported in the soouth-western county of Dolj on Monday when schools, hospitals and other public institutions came recently under investigation. Officers were also getting the support of Romania’s Intelligence Service (SRI).

Unionist rally in Moldova’s capital

Thousands of people from across the Republic of Moldova rallied in support of their country’s union with neighbouring Romania on Sunday. Participants at the rally in the capital Kishinev took to the streets in a demonstration aimed at proving that unification was the only chance to solve the social problems of the former Soviet republic. Some participants announced they were supposed to march to Romania’s capital Bucharest. Participants included members of unionist organisations such as the National Union Block as well of clergymen representing the Bessarabia Metropolitan Church.

New star on Musicians’ Walk of Fame in Timişoara

A new star appeared on the Musicians’ Walk of Fame in the Romanian south-western town of Timişoara on Sunday. The new star belongs to Sabin V. Drăgoi, one of Romania’s greatests musicians and founder of the Romanian musical school of folklore. Sabin V. Drăgoi is also the author of more than 100 various compositions including „Năpasta” („The Misfortune”), an opera seen as his masterpiece. Drăgoi’s star came next to stars belonging to famous musicians performing in Timişoara in the past such as Johannes Brahms, Johann Strauss, Franz Liszt, George Enescu and Béla Bartók.

Alexandru Danga