News review of the day – July 15th

President Iohannis and PM Victor Ponta express different opinions regarding pending promulgation of the new Fiscal Code

President Klaus Iohannis has made several considerations today regarding the new Fiscal Code, pending for promulgation this week, during an event hosted at the Central Bank headquarters marking 150 years since King Ferdinand of Romania was born. The President pointed out the need for a new approach based on responsibility and healthy principles:
Klaus Iohannis: I don’t know how this idea was born, that this Fiscal Code would be revolutionary for Romania’s finances by simply cutting down some taxes. I believe we should be interested not only in tax reduction but also in the way we are going to do this. This change is useful as long as it doesn’t jeopardize several benefits, such as public finance sustainability which was consolidated with serious efforts lately.
As a first reaction to the President’s statement, Prime Minister Victor Ponta said Romania needs the new Fiscal Code and that it was adopted by the majority of MPs including Liberals.
The head of state is expected to analzye the Fiscal Code this week for promulgation. The new provisions have worried Romania’s international financial partners who believe fiscal relaxation is due to raise the budget deficit way above the commonly agreed limit, up to 3% next year, unless other compensating measures are considered.

PM Victor Ponta makes second nomination for Transport Minister

Prime Minister Victor Ponta has made a new proposal for the Transport Ministry portfolio, nominating the current state secretary Iulian Matache for the minister position. The decision has been made in accordance with Social Democratic Party’s Permanent Bureau. This is the second nomination, which can not be rejected this time by the President, according to the law, Mr Ponta said. The head of state had rejected today the appointment for senator Mihai Fifor, the first proposal of the PM, arguing that he lacks managerial experience necessary for this position.

Air traffic on Henri Coanda International Airport back to normal after a two-hour strike

Air traffic on Bucharest’s International Airport has come back to normal after a two-hour strike today organized by traffic controllers. The unionists have protested against the new organization chart that creates many positions only in the administrative sector and they have also asked for a reduction of retirement age from 65 to 55. The negotiations at the Transport Ministry are still under way but the employees do not exclude starting a general strike unless their requests are being met.

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