Sunday, 23-rd of August 2015

Ministry of Foreign Affairs warning for Romanian citizens traveling to Greece

The Foreign Ministry informs the Romanian citizens who are transiting or want to move in Greece that are forecasted storms in regions of Mainland East. In turn, the Greek General Secretariat for Civil Protection advised drivers to avoid traveling in areas at risk of storm. Romanian Foreign Ministry reminds citizens to consult the application „Travel safely”, which provides information, travel advice and the opportunity to be alerted if special circumstances arise.

August 23-rd, 1944 – the date when Romania switched sides and joined the Allies in the fight against Nazi Germany

August 23-rd made history as the date when Romania switched sides and joined Allies in the fight against Nazi Germany. King Michael has agreed to eliminate by force the Marshal Antonescu if  he refuses to sign a truce with the United Nations, given that the Soviet army was already in northern Moldova since March. Following the refusal of the Marshal, Michael deposed and arrested him, and Romania joined the Allies. From 1948 to 1990, August 23 was celebrated as the National Day of Romania./opopescu

The Senate will meet in special session on Monday to vote on the review of the Tax Code

The Senate will meet in special session on Monday afternoon to discuss and vote on the request of the President, Klaus Johannis, to review the Tax Code. Amendments will be made to the code were discussed Thursday by the parliamentary parties. VAT will be reduced to 20% from January 1 next year, followed in early 2017 to declining of 1 percent. In addition, over-duty fuel removal was postponed until 1 January 2017. Following the application of the new provisions, the deficit will be 2%, said Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici. Prime Minister Victor Ponta announced early on Wednesday that he agreed with the reduced VAT rate from 20% to 19% as originally envisaged in the new Tax Code, stating that this was discussed with President Klaus Johannis and National Bank Governor, Mugur Isarescu./opopescu

Policeman Gheorghe Ionescu will be buried at Ghencea military cemetery

Gheorghe Ionescu, the policeman who died on Friday after three weeks of coma, will be buried today with military honors at Ghencea military cemetery in Bucharest. According to news agencies, the Interior Minister Gabriel Oprea announced he will attend the funerals. The policeman was injured during service by a Turkish businessman and was forwarded post mortem to the rank of sub-inspector for acts of valor. The Romanian President, Klaus Iohannis, also awarded him the National Order „Faithful Service” in rank of Knight.

22 people searched in Schengen countries, arrested by the Romanian Police

Romanian policemen have arrested, in recent days, 22 people sought in countries from the Schengen, according to a report IGPR. Also this week, they have identified in Romania 41 cars that were sought by the European partners to be confiscated or to be used as evidence in criminal proceedings. At the same time, 59 people wanted by Romanian authorities have been identified on territories of the foreign partners, as part of exchange of informationd within the International Police Cooperation Centre – is stated in a press release.