Thursday, August 27th, 2015

Visit by Prime Minister Victor Ponta to the Republic of Moldova

Prime Minister Victor Ponta starts today a visit to Republic of Moldova. He has scheduled a series of meetings and talks with the President of neighboring state, Nicolae Timofti and with the Prime Minister Valeriu Streleţ. Romania and Republic of Moldova have  developed important joint projects in recent years, both in the natural gas network interconnections and electricity and school infrastructure, by renovating kindergartens, minibuses or school books donations, said Victor Ponta. He stated that, during his visit in Chisinau, in a special moment, 24 years after Moldova declared independence from the Soviet Union, will discuss with the new prime minister, Valeriu Strelet, about the continuation of existing projects, about the priorities in the economic, social and educational area and also about the main directions that will be addressed in the Intergovernmental Committee for European Integration, scheduled this autumn. During the day, the Prime Minister will have several meetings, both with the president, Nicolae Timofti and with the speaker of the Parliament of Moldova. (RADIO ROMANIA reports).

Romania should receive more than 2,300 immigrants, According to European Commission

The National Committee for Special Emergency Situations will meet this afternoon at government headquarters, to assess the impact on the national security generated by increased immigration at Romania’s borders. In the committee, which is headed by Deputy Prime Minister Gabriel Oprea, there are over 20 institutions: ministries, special services, agencies and authorities. According to the distribution scheme for refugees proposed by the European Commission, Romania should receive more than 2,300 immigrants. For their hosting and for border security, Romania will receive from the European Commission over 98 million euros by 2020. So far, unlike other countries in the region, our country do not face a wave of refugees. Neighboring states have already passed exceptional security measures. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

Official visit of the Chief of the Romanian General Staff in Germany

Chief of the Romanian General Staff, Lieutenant General Nicolae Ciuca, payed an official two day visit to Germany, at the invitation of his german counterpart, General Volker Wieker. The collaboration between the two armies for command-control segment, joint training at ground, naval, air and special forces and logistics support activities were topics of discussion between the defense chiefs of the two countries. „I had the opportunity to pay a visit to the Joint Command of German Armed Froces, in Ulm, where three Romanian officers work, who received special accreditations for the work they perform there”, said Lieutenant General Nicolae Ciuca.  (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

Adrian Strugariu